CBD vs THC cannabis variety – which to choose?

Do you prefer high THC or CBD cannabis strains? And what are the benefits of these cannabinoids? And what seeds are best for you? We will show you the difference.

The main difference between CBD and THC cannabis varieties

There are many active substances in the cannabis plant. But the most famous of them are THC and CBD. The first mentioned cannabinoid is mainly associated with the euphoric state that accompanies smoking cannabis. The latter cannabinoid is renowned for its therapeutic potential and is making its way across professional medicine.

Both substances affect the human body in some way. So what exactly do they do and which of these cannabis variables is more beneficial?

Let’s find out together.

Benefits of THC cannabis

cannabis plant thc benefits

  • Reduces the pain – THC provides pain relief, which is one of its leading benefits. Studies show that compounds in cannabis activate pathways in the central nervous system that block pain signals from being sent to the brain.
  • THC Relieves nausea and vomiting – has been shown to help with nausea and vomiting. This is very much true for cancer patients undergoing physically demanding chemotherapy.
  • Brain cells protection – The craziness of the crazies has led many people to believe that consuming cannabis kills brain cells. The reality, however, is that this couldn’t be further from the truth. While most drugs are neurotoxic, THC is considered a neuroprotectant, meaning it actually protects brain cells from damage.
  • Promotes the brain growth – Believe it or not, the medical benefits of THC for the brain may be even greater than we thought. The psychoactive substance not only protects brain cells, but also stimulates brain growth. THC activates the “CB1 receptor” in our brain. This stimulation promotes a process known as long-term potentiation, which improves the brain’s ability to learn. Scientists have also found that, like CBD, THC causes brain cells in the hippocampus to grow. Therefore, small doses of cannabis can treat or even slow down diseases such as Alzheimer’s.CBD vs THC cannabis variety - which to choose?
  • THC Helps with PTSD – PTSD (post traumatic stress dissorder) can include symptoms such as restlessness, severe anxiety, depression, insomnia, nightmares and social isolation – it can be a crippling condition. Yet THC has proven to be a highly effective treatment option for PTSD. Some psychiatrists claim that THC-rich cannabis is the only treatment for PTSD.
  • THC is muscle relaxant – Have you ever tried cannabis that made you feel sleepy or heavy? The culprit may be THC and some of the supplemental terpenes in certain cannabis strains. It is well known that this cannabinoid can have muscle relaxing properties.
  • THC increases appetite – It will surprise no one that THC reliably increases appetite. In fact, THC can even improve the taste of food. With the right approach, THC’s hunger-inducing effects can dramatically improve quality of life.
  • THC is an anticonvulsant – In the world of epilepsy, CBD often gets all the credit. Cannabidiol (CBD) is non-oxidizing compared to THC, and the cannabinoid has successfully reduced seizure activity in clinical trials. However, many do not realize that THC also has anticonvulsant properties. Research on the anticonvulsant properties of THC has been more or less halted due to all the interest in CBD. Early research on cannabinoids, however, tells a different story.
  • THC Helps fight cancer – Cannabis has also attracted interest in cancer research. Research in the lab and in animal models has found that the herb kills cancer cells in several different ways. While multiple cannabinoids show anti-cancer potential, THC is one of the main contenders.

Benefits of CBD cannabis

cbd benefits cannabis plant

  •  CBD Helps with Epilepsy – The British Epilepsy Association collaborated with the researchers back in 2012. The published paper proved that CBD can be used as a therapy for different types of epilepsy in humans, as it has anticoagulant effects on partial and temporal lobe seizures in animal models.
  • CBD Serves as a pain-killer – Medical cannabis is a great alternative to these literal pain “killers” because it can also relieve pain. This is thanks to the psychoactive THC found in cannabis. In 2015, a study proved thatCBD is a much more potent pain “killer”, likening its effectiveness to that of morphine. Surprisingly, it worked even better when combined with morphine, avoiding the unwanted side effects that usually come with morphine.
  • Fights cancer – Through preclinical studies, CBD has been shown to prevent the growth of colon, prostate, lung, and breast cancer, among others. CBD amplified the death rate of cancer cells and made it harder for them to progress.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties – Inflammation is the body’s natural response to damage or disease. Inflammation causes many of its own problems, and CBD helps the immune system and nervous system coordinate to produce the healthiest possible inflammatory response to a given injury or infection. It has neuroprotective properties that can treat neurological diseases, and one of these properties allows it to reduce nerve inflammation by connecting to the endocannabinoid system.
  • CBD helps with mood swings – A study conducted in 2013 showed that CBD can help patients forget memories that caused trauma (especially in people who suffer from PTSD). These results can be used to find ways CBD can be used to treat other mood disorders such as stress and anxiety.
  • CBD has Neuroprotective properties – The neuroprotective properties of CBD have been mentioned previously. Scientists have shown that CBD can prevent neuropathic diseases from affecting brain cells at the molecular level. With further studies, CBD can be used to treat diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Recreational use – CBD can not only be used to treat various diseases. It is also great for recreational cannabis users who face a lot of anxiety and stress in their daily lives. THC has a very noticeable effect, but CBD can help maintain its more passive attributes. They complement each other perfectly. CBD reduces the activity of the fear and anxiety center of the brain, so you could say that CBD reduces the paranoia that some people have with THC alone.

So. What is better? THC or CBD?

CBD vs THC cannabis variety - which to choose?

As you may have noticed, both cannabinoids have many properties that can be applied in everyday life and are a light for millions of people.

But which one is better? That’s not exactly easy to judge. They have many similar properties and contribute in many ways. In addition, THC is the active ingredient in Fenix Tears, which has almost miraculous properties.

In terms of legality, CBD is probably better off as it does not cause psychoactivity. THC, on the other hand, is very much truncated through legality. In many countries it is banned altogether, in some it is only allowed with a prescription, and in some states it is only for recreational use in permitted places.

In the end, we would probably agree that both substances are beneficial to humans and each contributes in some way. The choice is then purely up to the user.

Which do you prefer?

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