11/07/2023 Paradox

How to Choose the Best Cannabis Seeds: Your Guide to Quality Hemp Seeds from Nuka Seeds

smiling cannabis grower choosing hemp seeds
knowing how to choose the best cannabis seeds is paramount. The type of seed you select sets the foundation for the health and productivity of your plant, and ultimately, the quality of the yield
28/03/2023 Paradox

Paradox cannabis outdoor growreport

Paradox cannabis seeds logo
We bring you a growreport from one of our growers. See what you can expect from the feminised Paradox cannabis variety in average outdoor conditions.
09/01/2023 Paradox

Grow-report of Paradox grown in a greenhouse

grow-report Paradox cannabis plant flowers by Nuka Seeds
We bring you another grow-report from grower Scarab. This time we describe his cultivation of two Paradox plants in the greenhouse.
27/07/2022 Paradox

Our customer showed off his Megaton and Paradox cannabis plants.

Take a look at some photos from the grower of Megaton and Paradox.
28/05/2021 Paradox

Germination – Paradox cannabis seeds

paradox nukaseeds background
You have just bought Paradox cannabis seeds. Good choice. But do you know how to germinate them properly to make strong and healthy plants? Here’s some advice.
28/05/2021 Paradox

Why to choose Paradox cannabis seeds?

Paradox cannabis seeds are among the top feminized cannabis strains. Want to know why?
28/05/2021 Paradox

What training methods we can use for Paradox cannabis seeds?

When is the cannabis plant ready for harvest?
We have many methods to successfully train cannabis plants. Which of these will be suitable for Paradox cannabis seeds? It takes something special for this feminized strain.
28/05/2021 Paradox

Paradox cannabis seeds – new feminized strain by Nukaseeds

There is a new player among feminized cannabis strains. The Paradox cannabis seeds will amaze you with their power to kick you in an unseen way.
28/05/2021 Paradox

CBD vs THC cannabis variety – which to choose?

CBD vs THC cannabis variety - which to choose?
Do you prefer high THC or CBD cannabis strains? And what are the benefits of these cannabinoids? And what seeds are best for you? We will show you the difference.