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You have just bought Paradox cannabis seeds. Good choice. But do you know how to germinate them properly to make strong and healthy plants? Here’s some advice.

How to germinate Paradox Cannabis seeds?

Germinating Paradox cannabis seeds is one of the first steps in the marijuana cultivation process. Although there are still some cannabis growers who prefer clones (cuts) of cannabis rather than seeds. This trend is gradually declining and people are opting for seeds mainly because they can choose their own variety of cannabis and not have to rely on growers providing cuts on the black market. Therefore, if a grower chooses seeds from a verified seed bank, they usually do not have to worry about their freshness or quality.

Main root cannabis seed

What factors affect seed germination and what does this process mean in nature?

The germination of cannabis seeds, but also of other plants, is a natural process as the plant comes to life. This process, both at home and in nature, is usually kick-started by a warm and humid environment that awakens the seed to life. It feels literally at home in such an environment, so it is very important to maintain a stable moist and warm environment for the first few days. This will cause the seed shell to crack and the root to grow. This first root is very important for the plant as it allows the young seedling to draw water and other nutrients needed for its growth. In addition to its ability to feed the plant, this root also has the ability to maintain the stability of the whole plant, which is especially appreciated by outdoor growers.

One very important factor that affects seed germination is undoubtedly the storage of the particular vendor (seedbank). How cannabis seeds are stored has a huge impact on their germination. They should be stored in a cool, dark and dry place, ideally sealed in an airtight container in the fridge. Seeds stored in the right way have a lifespan of several years, so you do not have to worry about their germination.

Tools for germination

Another factor that influences germination is undoubtedly the procedure you choose to use. So what do you need to germinate marijuana seeds properly? See below for a list.

  • Cannabis seeds
  • Tissues or unscented tissue or toilet paper
  • A plate or other support
  • A jar of water that has been standing for at least 24 hours
  • Small pot, substrate or other growing medium (Grodan, Rockwool)

So what is the procedure if I want to germinate Paradox cannabis seeds properly?

Little cannabis plants

  • The first step is to let the water stand for 24 hours. You can then drip 2 to 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide into the water to help oxygenate the water. The water should be at room temperature and placed in the dark. Drop the seeds into the jar and leave them to float for 24-48 hours. After the first couple of hours, you can try dipping the seeds below the surface to the bottom of the jar by pricking your finger.
  • After two days, you can probably see a small root in some of the more viable seeds. Carefully remove them all and move them to a plate with napkins or pieces of toilet paper. Separate the seeds carefully so that you can tell the different varieties apart. Keep the plate moist at all times and you can cover the plate with another one to promote climate. Seeds with young roots are very sensitive to moisture and are very likely to die if they dry out.
  • Marijuana seeds can germinate on a saucer for 7-10 days. It is very important to keep the seeds and napkins moist at all times and not let them dry out. The strongest seeds can begin to germinate within the first two days. The slower ones should show a sprout within the first 7 days. You can tell when the seeds are ready by the length of their sprouts. If the germ is at least 1 cm long, you can plant them in soil or other substrate without fear.

Always be careful when trasnplanting seedlings

  • After a few days, most seeds should have a long enough germ to be safely planted in soil. Before planting the seeds, water and moisten the soil sufficiently. Place the seed with a long enough germ in the hole, root side down, so that it can grow upwards. The seed can be gently covered with soil but only enough to allow some light to reach the seed. At this stage there is usually no need to use any stimulants or fertilisers as the plant is still drawing nutrients from its natural reserves. During the first few days it is also important to keep the humidity at around 70-80%.
  • Once the plants are out of the dirt, it is important to make sure they are well nourished and have plenty of water, which is very important for cannabis plants. If you have any left on your seed plate, don’t despair and wait a few more days. But if after 10 days you still have seeds with no visible roots, they are probably dead and there is nothing you can do about it. Unfortunately, this can also happen and it is not necessarily the fault of the seed bank that sold you the marijuana seeds. Seeds have a limited lifespan, as is the case with most natural products, so no one is able to 100% guarantee that the seeds you buy will germinate. Experienced growers (growers) who already have their own methods of germinating cannabis seeds have a long term success rate of 80-90%.

Germination can be tricky

germinating cannabis seedsUnfortunately, the germination of marijuana or cannabis seeds doesn’t always go according to plan, so some seeds may spend literally only a few hours on the plate, while others may take several days. Some cannabis varieties also behave differently than others once they have germinated. So while some take a few days to reach their ideal height, others may grow very slowly at first until they have enough leaves on their branches to capture the solar energy that is important for proper and rapid growth. The diversity and originality of each variety is why many growers are returning to growing from seed instead of cuttings. If a grower chooses to grow cannabis from seed instead of clones, there are literally hundreds of varieties with different characteristics to choose from.

If you are interested in our article on planting and germination and are considering buying marijuana seeds for collecting purposes, take look at our seeds and see what interests you. We strongly reccomend our luxurious cannabis variety called Paradox, it will not let you down.

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