Cleaning bong : guide to cleaning a glass bong

Keeping a bong clean is much easier and cheaper than you might think. Check out this guide to glass cleaning bong.

glass bong

The more often you consume cannabis, the more important cleaning bong becomes.. Not only does resin look and smell unpleasant, its tar compounds also contain carbon and carcinogens, and if you keep burning it, it can have a number of negative health effects. If you’re willing to take 5-10 minutes once a month, you can make your bong shine. Regular cleaning makes life much easier, but even the most unsightly pieces can be cleaned with simple tools.

Bong users answers to the question -Cleaning bong , how do you do it?

Um, you’re supposed to clean it? –Andrew Frost

“No, I just throw it away and buy a new one.” –Robert Weaver

“Fill a plastic bag with a tablespoon of sodium and enough isopropyl alcohol to completely submerge your piece. Place your piece in the substance and make sure the inside is filled with liquid. Leave it for at least 15 minutes, shake the bag and move the mixture through the tube. Remove the mixture, boil it and scrape off the remains with a paper clip. It is important to remove the resin as it is toxic.” -Ben Craighton

“Nail polish remover that’s 100% acetone…. And for added convenience at home, run it through the dishwasher. –Aris Butler

“91% isopropyl alcohol and sea salt…. Any table salt will work… Even sugar works when you need it. –Rich Schmitz

“The only thing you should use is grain alcohol, which evaporates 100%.” –Gerald Schoolnick

“Iso & sea salt, finish by rinsing with a little lemon juice to make it shiny.” –Chaz French

“French brandy and salt, but then toothpaste to polish.” –Courtney Kruk

Proper cleaning guide

Cleaning bong – base

Cleaning bong - base

  • Fill the bong with about one cup of rubbing alcohol.
  • Add 2-3 tablespoons of coarse-grained salt.
  • Seal the holes of the bong with your hands. Use your hands and fingers to seal the holes. You need to grip the bong firmly as you will need to shake it vigorously.
  • Shake the bong´s base to scrub it with the salt. The alcohol loosens the resin and makes it easier to remove. The salt acts like a sponge and wipes away the rest of the resin where you can’t reach it.
  • Soak the bong in alcohol or a cleaning agent if you have difficult or hard-to-remove stains for a several hours.
  • Finally, rinse the bong´s base with hot water and lemon juice.

Cleaning bong – parts

Cleaning bong - parts
  • Separate all moving parts from the bong. Proper cleaning usually involves shaking and some scrubbing, which can damage delicate glass parts if you are not careful.
  • Rinse the pieces in hot water. This will loosen larger chunks of resin that could clog your bong. The hotter the water, the better. For minor, routine cleaning, you can simply give the bong a quick rinse and proceed with further cleaning.
  • Knock off any large pieces of resin with cotton swabs or a brush. If you can easily reach large chunks of tar or resin, just tap them off with gentle scrubbing. If a piece resists, that’s fine. You only want to get rid of the large, easy-to-remove pieces now. Freeze the smaller pieces with stubborn, thick stains for 30 minutes. This will loosen the resin pieces and make them easier to remove. Be sure to dry the bong parts before freezing.
  • Place the smaller parts in resealable plastic bags. Make sure they seal well. You use the bag to catch your cleaning liquid while you soak the smaller parts. Even though you can soak both parts at the same time, it is safest to put them in separate bags.
  • Fill the plastic bags with cleaning agent (e.g. 90 % isopropyl alcohol). You can find them in the first aid section of a supermarket or pharmacy. Make sure that the pieces are completely immersed in the liquid. The alcohol reacts with the tar and resin, making them easier to remove.
  • Add about 1-2 tablespoons of salt to the bags. The larger the grains of salt, the better. The salt does not dissolve in the alcohol and is used as an abrasive. When you shake the bag of salt and alcohol, the salt gets into the nooks and crannies that you could not reach and scrubs them off. Shake the pieces in the bags, trying to get the salt inside the pieces when possible.
  • Soak the bong´s parts for several hours and repeat the process to remove stubborn stains. If there are parts that are still stuck, just add a splash of fresh alcohol and let it soak for a few hours.
  • Finally, rinse the bong pieces with hot water and lemon juice.

And voila, your bong is clean and ready for action

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