Cleansing with cannabis : How cannabis can help you reduce alcohol consumption

Cleansing with cannabis may sound strange to some, but when compared to alcohol, the overuse of which is very destructive to humans, we can talk about a form of healthier alternative.

Cleansing with cannabis : Long-term effects of alcohol

When I was first introduced to cannabis, I virtually ended my relationship with alcohol. The break with the bottle was not intentional; it was simply a consequence of having something that offered similar stress-relieving properties without the stomach ache, hangover or loss of control. Where alcohol offered an escape from the senses, cannabis made me appreciate every feeling and experience I could take in. It brought back long-lost creativity and meaningful social contact, and motivated me to take better care of my body. So why hadn’t I found this sooner? I really thought that cannabis damages the body and incinerates the mind. The stigmatic differences between alcohol and cannabis was the only thing that led me to believe drinking was the favorable option.

A new way of cleanse

The e-book, entitled Coming Clean with Cannabis, is a delightful summary of one of life’s finest ironies: that this plant – this stigmatised natural anomaly – can help you live a healthier life, and that you don’t even have to be a qualified medical marijuana patient to reap its benefits.

Talking to the authors of the book, Jane West and Kristen Williams, it became clear that this is a story that is repeated in many lives.

“When I finally gave cannabis a chance a few years ago, I realised that the negative perceptions people have about this plant are wrong and that it can actually help many people in extraordinary ways,” Kristen said. “I hope that this book will help change perceptions about prohibition and encourage people to incorporate cannabis into their lives in ways that benefit their overall health and well-being.”

The book introduces you to the basics of cannabis, from its effect on the body to choosing the right cannabis variety for your needs and how cannabis can support other health-conscious life choices such as socialising, exercise or meditation? As Jane says, “This is the only body you’ll ever have”, so why not make looking after it a priority?

Cannabis and alcohol in social contexts

Jane and Kristen’s book deals with health in a holistic way, but a recurring and central theme is the use of alcohol. This is an interesting concept because in many ways people use alcohol in different ways than cannabis. For me, both marijuana and alcohol were social activities and stress relievers, but not everyone would agree. Many even find that cannabis exacerbates anxiety and discourages social behaviour. What most people don’t know is that not all cannabis varieties are the same and not all can have this effect.

Cannabis is not for everyone, but I know from my own experience that varieties play a big role in the cannabis experience,” Kristen said. “varieties high in THC can cause anxious feelings, while varieties high in CBD are much more calming. If you’ve had the experience of cannabis triggering feelings of anxiety instead of relieving them, I’d recommend trying a small dose (a fraction of what’s considered ‘typical’) of a CBD-rich varieties and seeing how it affects you. As the social use of cannabis is normalized and perceptions change, people may feel less and less anxious about their use or ‘being high’ which will elevate their experiences.

Yes, the social experience with cannabis today is very different from that with alcohol. You can’t consume it in public places or bars. Non-smokers are usually put off marijuana altogether. And, the most important reason of all, it is still illegal in most countries. The exciting part is that these reasons are slowly being dismantled.

Are you ready for the cleansing with cannabis?

Are you ready for the cleansing with cannabis?

If you’re feeling inspired to do a cleanse with cannabis and practice a more mindful lifestyle, flip through this book Jane and Kristen put together.

Not everyone will feel that they can or want to replace alcohol with cannabis, and that is perfectly fine. You don’t need to have an exclusive relationship with one or the other. It’s about educating yourself about what options are available to you, because who knows, maybe those options will revolutionise your life in the long run.

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