Does cannabis extend life ?

At some point you may have heard someone say that weed can extend your life expectancy. But is this really true? Does weed make you live longer? Here’s what the research says.

Cannabis extend life ? Laws banning cannabis make it very difficult to sell and produce! The idea that cannabis can extend life expectancy is one of those topics that can easily become legend and fact. So what is it really about? Does pot extend life ? That’s what research to date shows.

Cannabis extend life.

the research was conducted in rats

The most obvious way to deal with the question of whether pot extends life is that there was supposedly a study done on THC in the late 1990s that apparently never became public.

According to sources, the study was eventually leaked to the public, although it was never officially published. The leaked study showed the results of a test in which rats were given different doses of THC. At the end of the experiment, “those given THC had a clear survival advantage over untreated rats.”

While this definitely seems like an intriguing finding, the researchers cautioned against reading too much into it. In particular, they said that the increased longevity among rats given THC could be due to a number of other factors, not just THC per se.

For example, these factors could include variables such as body weight, appetite, stress or anxiety levels, and more. But either way, the fact is that in this study, the rats that received constant doses of THC lived longer on average than the rats that did not have THC.

Research on medical cannabis for longevity

Does cananbis extend life? Side benefits could help.

The real takeaway from this study seems to be that cannabis may have the greatest impact on life expectancy because of all the side effects it brings.

In other words, it is still unclear whether cannabis affects the body in a way that makes you live longer. What is clearer, however, is that the plant can do many other things for you that can lead to improved overall health, thus increasing the chances that you will live longer.

For example, cananbis reduces stress and anxiety in many people. And it can help these people live longer. Studies have shown that extreme stress has a detrimental effect on health and life expectancy. So reducing stress can help you live longer.

Similarly, cannabis has shown promise in treating or alleviating many diseases and other negative health conditions. For example, it shows promise in helping people cope with the side effects of cancer and more aggressive forms of cancer treatment.

Additionally, cannabis helps many people who suffer from epilepsy. It also extends to other conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, insomnia and others.

Assuming that each of these conditions negatively affects life expectancy, it is safe to say that cannabis can extend a person's life.

Cannabis and Your Brain.

Cannabis and Your Brain

Neurological health is another area where cannabis is showing promise. Scientists believe that cannabis plants in particular can help reverse the negative effects of brain ageing.

That’s exactly the conclusion scientists came to last year. In a 2017 study, researchers compared the brain activity of mice that received daily doses of THC with mice that did not receive THC. They found that THC helped maintain the brain activity of the mice.

What’s more, researchers suggest that cannabis may also help treat other brain disorders. For example, many researchers believe that cannabis can help reduce or avoid the build-up of brain cell plaque that is associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Like physical disorders, these neurological disorders can also contribute to reduced life expectancy. Cannabis can treat this condition by alleviating it, theoretically extending life expectancy.

A different perspective: Cannabis use linked to health problems.

Research shows that cannabis can have many health benefits. At the same time, there are studies that suggest that heavy and long-term use of cannabis may be associated with certain indicators of poor health.

Does cannabis prolong life ? alcohol and cannabis

First of all, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) published a 2018 report by researchers from the University of Michigan. This study looked at data from the Monitoring the Future survey. In this study, almost 10,000 participants self-reported various aspects of their personal drug use and health status.

After analysing survey data on marijuana consumption, the researchers found several trends. In particular, they reported that people who consume cannabis regularly and over a long period of time tend to report more health problems in their 50s. These include psychiatric problems, physical problems and potentially harmful drug and alcohol use.

Ultimately, more research is needed to fully understand the different ways in which cannabis interacts and affects the human body. And this includes issues of overall health and life expectancy.

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