Effects of cannabis – what can happen to you while using cannabis?

The effects of cannabis are varied. What happens to us when we consume marijuana and what are the conditions? Check it out.

How long do the effects of cannabis last and what conditions can you experience?

nukaseeds-cannabis-smoke-effectIf you don’t use cannabis often or have never tried it, you may be wondering what the high is and how long it lasts. You might also think that this state is identical for everyone. But the opposite is true. Just as people are different, cannabis plants are different from one another.

What we mean by this is that there will never be two people who have exactly the same condition after the same amount of one cannabis strain.

So what kind of reactions can we expect? And what kind of state will it induce in us? We will answer these questions below.

How long does the high last after taking cannabis

Unfortunately, there is no answer to this that applies to all users. Our bodies are different and each one processes the chemicals in a different way. It also depends on what dose we ingested.

You could estimate it to be hours after smoke, but it’s impossible to quantify exactly. With food, it’s a slightly different time and we can expect a given effect to last twice as long.

However, there are certain factors that might give us a little more specificity on the “high” time.

Tolerance level of the consumer


One of the most important factors, and that is the individual’s tolerance to THC in general. If you’re a beginner, you should expect to be out for several hours after taking a puff of an average cannabis strain.

Daily or occasional users will be different. Even if they take a larger dose than you, they’ll be high for about the same amount of time. We can apply this to edibles as well. Except that the time will be roughly twice as long.

Methods of cannabis consumption

effects of cannabisIn this case, we are not necessarily comparing smoking vs eating. For example, there are different types of smoking that may affect you differently. Take a joint and a blunt, for example. These often have a very quick onset and the effects then last 1-2 hours. However, according to many, a blunt kicks much more, mainly due to the size and tobacco wrapper. But otherwise it’s basically the same thing.

Then we have concentrates. We’re in a different league here. Concentrates usually have THC levels of at least 65%. While small amounts of concentrates are used, it’s still a kick and it’s easy to overdo it. The high is then longer.

Then there are the edibles . It usually takes a while to get the desired effect, 40-120 minutes, but the result is worth it. The minimum time even for experienced smokers is then 6 hours. Beginners or occasional smokers can experience this for up to 12 hours.

What kind of high awaits you?

effects of cannabisIt’s time to point out the different states, now that we know how long this miracle plant can work in our body.
The following terminology generally describes roughly what the experience is for different stages of effect. However, it does not take into account the effects of different varieties. For example, dry mouth, hunger, etc. are not present in some varieties. Whether the state is relaxing or motivating also depends on the variety.

1. Buzzed

Marihuana stoned young Snoop Dog

This term can be found in those who drink alcohol. You’re not completely sober, but you’re definitely in control. But the senses have become a little heightened. The music plays better, the food tastes good and the sun shines a little brighter.

2. High

Funny marihuana high joint

The state is a little stronger. You laugh and giggle at the little things, and you enjoy everything. You have cravings for food, especialy for sweeties. You also get much thirstier, as the dry mouth comes.

3. Stoned

If you see the typical smiling guy rolling around on the couch with little red eyes, he’s propably stoned. This condition is usually attributed to indica, but it can also be linked to another pattern you’ve had too much(even sativa). It is the last pleasant stage. Just for those who want to clear their mind.

4. Baked/Blazed

marihuana high seth rogen

Typical overdose. Basically, it gets you from a sitting position to a lying position. You shouldn’t continue to consume cannabis at this stage and if you are in this state due to edibles, you need to just let them wear off. This stage is considering as unpleasant for the most users. You can have a “bad trip” like paranoic or feeling of threat, but stay calm, cannabis cannot harm you.

5. Burnt

This is the kind of ending where you’re actually asleep.

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