Uses and types of circulation fans for your indoor

Every experienced cannabis grower knows that a fan is an important part of any grow room, and today we’ll show you how to choose one.

Fans are an extremely important part of growing cannabis indoors, as they help to distribute all the fresh air that comes through the filtration system while preventing stagnant air. In this post, we’ll give you a simple overview of why and how you should use fans when growing marijuana indoors – indoor grow fans can make or break the whole process in a positive way.

Why is it important to use fans for indoor growing?

a growing room for cannabis plants equipped with fans

Marijuana plants absorb all of the available Co2 in about one minute, so fans should be placed near the plants to distribute fresh air around the growroom so that all cannabis plants have access to a constant stream of Co2 and so that marijuana plants are not affected by stagnant air, which can cause disease and the formation of moisture that can cause your plants to be attacked by a mold (most often botritis).

In addition, the low airflow will make your cannabis plants breathe much better, which will improve photosynthesis, nutrient absorption and overall strength; the branches will be stronger due to the slight wind resistance, which means they will be able to produce stronger and more robust flowers during the flowering season. You can keep the fans on all the time or run them intermittently. If you are growing in a more humid area, we recommend leaving the fan on, and vice versa, if the indoor climate is drier, we adjust the fans using a switching clock to ensure the most suitable relative humidity for a given cultivation phase.

Using fans for indoor growing

fan in the grow tent blowing on the marijuana plants

Sometimes fans can also harm cannabis plants, so there are a few things to keep in mind before turning them on. You need to set the fan so that it only causes a slight airflow, but not too intense. If it’s too strong, it can cause your cannabis plants to bend too much and eventually break or get damaged.

Additionally, it will also cause the cannabis plant substrate to dry out much faster, which would stress your plants and affect their growth. Very strong fans in the immediate vicinity can significantly affect the humidity around cannabis plants, so always use a hygrometer and a speed controller if necessary. Fan blades should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each round to prevent the transmission of pathogens from previous indoor growing.

Setting up fans for indoor growing

several adjustable fans for growing marijuana in the grow room

It is ideal to get an adjustable fan with different speeds so you can adapt it to your growing space and needs. If you have it set up far away from the cannabis plants, you will need to set the speed higher than if you have it right next to the plants; there should be a very slight flickering of the cannabis plant leaves. In any case, the airflow from the fan shouldn’t be so strong that it bends the cannabis branches, otherwise you could have some of the problems you read about above.

It is always better to use multiple weaker fans and strategically place them instead of one strong fan that will perform its function unevenly.

Different types of fans for indoor growing

Oscillating clip-on fan for grow tents

oscillating fan with clips for indoor marijuana cultivation

This fan is specially designed for use in grow tents. When growing in a grow tent, there is not much space to place a larger fan between the plants. You can place it on any of the poles in the grow tent, including the long side of the reflector, pointing at your bulb to cool it down if needed. These fans usually have multiple speeds and a slow oscillation function (even in the 180 degree range). This type of fan is probably the best for air circulation in the grow room.

Separate oscillating fan

Separate oscillating fan in the grow room for growing marijuana plants

This type of fan is much more common in grow rooms with two or more lights; its oscillation makes it ideal for growing cannabis. This type of fan is only suitable for larger grow rooms. It usually have a variable speed function, including different oscillation speeds.

Wall fan with remote control

Wall fan with remote control for indoor marijuana cultivation

This type of fan is not suitable for grow tents and requires a little skill to install. Their huge advantage is that they can be mounted anywhere on the grow room wall and can be controlled remotely. The speed is usually adjustable, but they usually do not have an oscillation function.

MultiFan Turbo ceiling fan

MultiFan Turbo ceiling fan for indoor cannabis cultivation

This wall and ceiling fan is ideal for targeting specific areas of your grow room, for lower areas or even pointing upwards for certain grow systems. You can also hang it from the ceiling of your grow room, place it on the floor or tilt it in any direction you need. It’s also really quiet.

Choose your fan well so that it is best suited to your growing conditions.

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