Growreport on indoor Polaris in crystal skull

We bring you a growreport on indoor Polaris by grower zoobzoob23 from Growdiaries. He has taken an artistic and original approach to growing. Check it out!

Polaris cannabis seeds
  • Number of plants : 1
  • Light used : 480w LED
  • Fertilizers used : Metrop, Organic RQS
  • Medium : Soil in the crystal skull
  • Heigh : 35cm
  • Training technique : defoliation
  • Cultivation period : Vegetation 4 weeks / Bloom 7 weeks
  • Location : Indoor (room type)
  • Taste : Berries, Pine, Woody
  • Effect : euphoric

Growreport on indoor Polaris germinated from the seed

Grower zoobzoob23 shares his experience of growing one plant of Polaris indoors with the world via growreport. This indoor Polaris plant came from a seed. He used Mars 480w LED light . He chose soil in the crystal skull as the growing medium. The smaller size and transparency of the crystal skull naturally had a limiting effect on the Polaris root system. However, the Polaris plant in the crystal skull looks pretty cool, don’t you think?

The grower used fertilizers from Metrop and RQS. At week 4 he used the defoliation technique, i.e. removing the fan leaves from a large part of the Polaris plant. Zoobzoob23 evaluated that his Polaris plant was easy to grow due to its high resistance.

zoobzoob23 commented on growing Polaris with these words :

Very good variety given the growing conditions more I was lucky I have the right to a purple phenotype the harvest and small but quality a patient to taste this I tell you in 15 days for the 1st smoktest thank you again nuka seeds for this opportunity to discover their work good gardening to all and thank you to all those who passed like and comment

And finally photos from growing Polaris in the crystal skull :

Thanks to the grower zoobzoob23 for sharing his original growreport on indoor Polaris strain. You can see another form of this growreport directly on Growdiaries.

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