07/10/2023 plant

Growing cannabis in corn

Growing cannabis in a cornfield is a unique and eco-friendly approach that provides natural concealment for your cannabis plants
27/09/2023 plant

Protecting your cannabis plants from wind

Protecting Your Cannabis Plants from Wind: Essential Tips and Techniques
Strong winds can cause physical damage, reduce yields, and even uproot your valuable crop.
23/09/2023 plant

Reddening of cannabis stems. Causes and solution 

Reddening of cannabis stems. Causes and solution 
In this article, we’ll delve into the causes behind reddening of cannabis stems and provide uncomplicated solutions
19/09/2023 plant

Neem Oil for Cannabis Cultivation

In this article, we will explore the various uses and benefits of neem oil during cannabis cultivation.
28/06/2023 plant

Nettle Leachate for Cannabis Plants: A Powerful Growth Boost!

In this article, we will guide you through the instructions and usage of nettle leachate to help your cannabis thrive. Let’s dive in!
27/06/2023 plant

Cannabis plant structure : sativa vs. indica

sativa vs indica differencies
In this article, we will unravel the unique characteristics that set plant structure sativa vs. indica. So, let’s dive right in!
22/04/2023 plant

Cannabis cultivation: EC values for each stages

Cannabis cultivation: EC values for each stages
EC levels are essential for cannabis cultivation. Deviations from appropriate EC levels can cause nutrient deficiencies or nutrient toxicity, resulting in a number of problems. Let’s see what the correct EC is.
23/03/2023 plant

Cannabis plant anatomy : trichomes and their function

Cannabis hemp weed plant Polaris by Nuka Seeds
Let’s look at the cannabis plant anatomy. Specifically, the trichomes and their functions.
12/03/2023 plant

Cannabis cultivation – reverse watering of potted plants

cannabis cultivation and watering regime
Cannabis cultivation needs a good watering schedule. Have you ever tried bottom watering method? You may find this method pretty good.
11/03/2023 plant

Hemp roots? easy recipes you can try today!

Hemp roots have been shown to have immense medicinal value as well as a number of unique uses
10/03/2023 plant

3 factors that affect phase switching of cannabis plant

3 factors that affect phase switching of cannabis plant?
The phase switching of cannabis depends on many factors. Let’s take a look at three general factors affecting the start of flowering and the overall cultivation time of cannabis.
10/03/2023 plant

Cannabis terpenes – what they are and what they do?

abstract view of cannabis terpenes
Have you ever heard of cannabis terpenes? Do you know what these little resin glands do and what is their purpoes? We will tell you that.
08/03/2023 plant

How much cannabis does one plant produce?

Every cannabis grower has two main goals. Obviously, they need to grow high quality plants. However, they also need to grow large plants in terms of weight.
04/03/2023 plant

Cannabis plant – 3 ways how to use cannabis stems

abstract view of a cannabis stems
Are you tired of having to many cannabis stems left? Do not worry, because we have few tips how to use these parts of cannabis plants.
21/01/2023 plant

Cannabis outdoor light ? How much light do outdoor cannabis plants need?

cannabis and sunshine
If your goal is to get the highest yield possible, you need to make sure your cannabis plants get plenty of sunlight. But how much light does a plant really need? Is there such a thing as “too much light”? That’s the question we’ll answer below.
21/01/2023 plant

Cloning cannabis cells with up to 12 times the potency by Israeli company

Cloning cannabis cells
Using a bioreactor, an Israeli company has cloned hemp cells to cultivate them into a powdered biomass that contains all the active cannabis ingredients and can be increased to twelve times the potency. Not to be confused with the horticultural practice of cloning, Rehovot, Israel-based BioHarvest Sciences clones on a cellular level.
20/01/2023 plant

Growreport on indoor Polaris in crystal skull

Polaris indoor
We bring you a growreport on indoor Polaris by grower zoobzoob23 from Growdiaries. He has taken an artistic and original approach to growing. Check it out!
13/01/2023 plant

Baba Yaga Growreport

Baba Yaga logo
We have a growreport on the cannabis variety Baba Yaga. Do you like this novice grower’s work? It’s good for a first time growing an autoflower outdoors.
10/01/2023 plant

How to transplanting cannabis plants 101

girl is transplanting cannabis
Transplanting a cannabis plant is a very important step in the marijuana growing process. When done correctly it brings many benefits, but when done incorrectly it can also be a stressful factor. We’ll tell you everything you need to know.
08/12/2022 plant

Cannabis and cancer

cannabis and the battle against cancer
Cannabis research has taken off in a big way in the last 5 years and in this article you can read how cannabis works against cancer.
21/10/2022 plant

How to make flour from marijuana plants

flour made from marijuana
In this article you will learn how to process marijuana leafs and flowers into hemp flour.