Hemp roots? easy recipes you can try today!

Hemp roots have been shown to have immense medicinal value as well as a number of unique uses

Hemp roots have been shown to have immense medicinal value as well as a number of unique uses. In this article, you’ll learn what lies beneath the green stems: from the many health benefits of cannabis roots to easy ways to incorporate them into your daily life with a few simple recipes.

Historical: cannabis roots as an ancient and powerful medicine

Because cannabis roots contain many cannabinoids known to be associated with pain relief, cannabis roots have been common as a source of pain treatment in many cultures for thousands of years.

Historical: cannabis roots as an ancient and powerful medicine

The earliest known reference to hemp roots as a form of treatment dates back to around 2700 BC from the classic work Herbal Medicine. Here it was recorded that hemp roots were ground into a paste and used to heal broken bones and relieve pain. Pliny the Elder, from the Roman Empire, in his Naturalis Historia of 77 AD, writes about the magic of hemp roots and states that the roots were boiled in water and used to treat gout, arthritis, joint pain, acute pain and even bleeding during pregnancy. The use of hemp and cannabis roots as a healing mechanism was also quite common in China from the early Bronze Age onwards, in Europe for centuries, starting with the ancient Greeks, who were great fans of the root, and in the rest of the world the peak in popularity was in the 17th to 19th centuries.

Medicinal value of cannabis roots

Hemp roots are the precursor to the development of THC in the cannabis plant. Hemp roots contain many crude cannabinoids not found in the flowers of hemp plants, which may have additional health benefits. Hemp root extracts also contain CBD, which is known to have many medicinal properties. Hemp roots also contain nutrients that have anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-nausea effects, and are rich in choline, a nutrient that supports metabolism and is particularly beneficial for liver health. Cannabis roots consumed as a drink, food or paste are used to help with menstrual cramps and postpartum haemorrhage. Cannabis roots also have anti-inflammatory properties and can help with skin problems such as rashes, dermatitis and acne, as well as physical ailments such as general pain, gout and arthritis.

Cancer treatment

In recent studies, cannabis roots have been linked to a phenomenon known as apoptosis, when cancer cells stop growing. In a laboratory study on colon cancer conducted at Penn State University, researchers found that cannabinoids in cannabis roots induce apoptosis, which effectively stops further growth of cancer cells in the colon. This link between cannabinoids and colon cancer is the first step towards opening up new research into mining the properties of cannabis, cannabis roots and cannabinoids to help find a cure for all cancers. Cannabis roots also contain pentacyclic triterpene ketones, which are fat-soluble molecules that have been linked to promoting apoptosis.

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Ways to use hemp roots for your health

Hemp roots are a largely untapped source of potential for a variety of uses, from pain and stress relief to potential support for cancer research. The rest of this article outlines the various ways in which cannabis roots can be used to improve one’s own health and wellbeing.

Tea with cannabis root

Tea with cannabis root

Hemp roots can be used to make teas that carry these nutrients directly into the body. Boiling the hemp roots produces a tea with a bitter taste. You can enhance the flavour of the tea by using oil, milk or any syrup to help with the taste. In fact, adding oil or milk – both contain fatty acids – will help release the terpenes and cannabinoids trapped in the roots, giving you additional benefits. You can also grind the roots into a powder and add it to any other type of hot beverage.

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Conclusion- use cannabis from top to bottom!

It’s clear that the roots of the cannabis plant are not only important for ensuring a healthy harvest of flowers from your plants, but are themselves incredibly rich in nutrients and medicinal properties that are so beneficial to us. You can use virtually every aspect of the cannabis plant, so think about getting rid of the roots next time you harvest – come back to this article for some great ideas!

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