Cannabis plant – 3 ways how to use cannabis stems

Are you tired of having to many cannabis stems left? Do not worry, because we have few tips how to use these parts of cannabis plants.

Cannabis stems can be a grey area for the average cannabis smoker.Can you smoke them? Should you smoke them? If you find yourself asking that very question, you’re not alone. It’s a common question we get from people who are new to smoking cannabis. And since no question is stupid when it comes to having a great cannabis experience, let’s break down all the details about weed stems.

What are cannabis stems?

cannabis stems ready for use

Cannabis stems are the small stamen-like pieces that sometimes end up in the cannabis flower you buy at the dispensary. Depending on the quality of the flower you buy, you may end up with several or more stems in your haul. For example, a shake purchased at a dispensary tends to contain more stems than a flower without a shake. Unlike the dense flowers of a cannabis plant, the stems contain very little or no THC (the main active ingredient in cannabis).

Can you smoke cannabis stems?

detailed look on the cannabis stem

Although you may be tempted, you shouldn’t smoke pot stems. Smoking the stems of cannabis plants will not get you high due to the lack of THC. If you do decide to smoke the stems, you will likely experience some of the negative side effects that smoking brings, such as coughing and sore throats, without enjoying the pleasure of THC. In other words, it’s simply not worth it.

Alternative uses for marijuana stems

The good news is that your stems don’t have to go to waste. Even if you can’t smoke them, stems still have some surprisingly useful purposes in life. Here are a few of the most popular ways people put pot stems to good use.


Did you know you can use discarded cannabis stems to make cannabutter? If you have collected enough stems, toss them into the rest of the flower when you start the decarboxylation process. These stems won’t add any strength to your final product, but they will add a bit of cannabis-inspired taste. Cannabis-containing butter is good to have on hand, as it’s a staple in most edible recipes.

Hemp topicals

Similar to the infused butter recipe, you can decarboxylate any leftover weed stems using 7-10 grams of dried cannabis. Once this process is complete, you can pour coconut oil over the cannabis and stems. This will create the base for many recipes for cannabis topicals such as lip balms and lotions.

Hemp tea

Another excellent way to use your stems is to make hemp tea. Cannatea is a good option for when you only have a small number of stems to use. For example, our cannabis-inspired tea recipe only requires 2 teaspoons of stems and is ready to drink in about ten minutes. This recipe is flexible and allows you to adapt with different flavors of tea until you find your ideal combination.

Start saving your cannabis stems

As you can see, the lifespan of marijuana stem can outlast the time they spend in your grinder. If you want to get better at preserving your stems (given your new knowledge of their magic), we recommend having a container to collect your grass stems in over time. That way, you’ll always have a fresh supply ready when you want to tackle one of these projects.

Is there any risk concerning smoking cannabis stems?

Cannabis stems are more fibrous than the flower. Therefore, the stems burn faster than the flower, resulting in more smoke. Users report that this smoke can cause some unwanted side effects, including:

detailed look on the cannabis stem
  • severe headache
  • coughing
  • sore throat
  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea

In addition, cannabis stems do not taste good. Ultimately, it is best to use the cannabis stems for another purpose.

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