Cannabis outdoor light ? How much light do outdoor cannabis plants need?

If your goal is to get the highest yield possible, you need to make sure your cannabis plants get plenty of sunlight. But how much light does a plant really need? Is there such a thing as “too much light”? That’s the question we’ll answer below.

Cannabis outdoor light – What amount of sunlight is optimal for cannabis plants outdoors?

Cannabis, like other plants on the planet, needs light to grow. If you plan to store large quantities of really down buds, your plants will need a huge amount of light, much more than other plants. The power of the sun gives the plant strength it needs to grow properly and achieve maximum flower size and quality.

Why is sunlight so important for cannabis plants?

In addition to proper genetics, proper and quality substrate, proper nutrition, light is also very important. Why do you think growers spend money on high-quality lights? Because without them, their plants would be unlikely to grow as planned.

Light provides plants with the energy they need for photosynthesis. Simply put, more light = bigger, healthier buds.

In addition to photosynthesis, light plays another key role. This is the photoperiod. The number of hours of daylight determines what stage of growth a plant is in. In the vegetative phase (16-18 hours in the sun), the plant has enough light to grow and develop. When days get shorter and the plant has less sunlight, it knows it’s time to start flowering and switches to the flowering phase (12/12 cycle).

What is the ideal amount of light?

Your goal should be to place your cannabis plants in an area where they receive the maximum amount of sunlight per day. If you want to have some control over the time the plants spend in the sun, you can plant them in larger pots and manipulate them as needed. This is also a good solution because of the heat waves that can sometimes occur.

The plant itself should receive at least five hours of direct sunlight and a similar amount of indirect sunlight. Lack of sunlight will result in a lower yield. And that’s not what you want, after all!

For autoflowering cannabis varieties

Cannabis outdoor light - Automaton autoflowering cannabis
Atomaton – autoflowering cannabis

Autoflowering marijuana strains grow in almost any conditions, making them a good choice for novice growers. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need light. Like feminized strains, autoflowering strains need as much light as possible for good growth and higher yields. Exposure to a sunlight is also advisable, as yields of autoflowering plants are not as high as their feminized counterparts, which are dependent on the photoperiod.

Most autoflowering varieties are in the vegetative stage for 3-4 weeks before going into flower. Because their life cycle is shorter, they can be harvested several times a year.

The ideal time for planting is early summer, when the days are warm and long. Within 60-70 days, the plant should be ready to harvest. If you start planting later, you can harvest in early autumn.

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For feminized cannabis varieties

Cannabis outdoor light - Polaris Feminized cannabis
Polaris – feminized cannabis

Feminized varieties are photoperiod-dependent compared to automatic varieties. They stay in the vegetative phase as long as they get at least 15 hours of sunlight. If you plant them in the spring, you can expect the vegetative phase to last several months. As the days begin to get shorter, the plants will begin to flower.

The actual flowering time depends on the variety. Some varieties grow quickly and are ready as early as late summer. Others, such as long-flowering sativas, can grow until late October.

Thus, sufficient light will affect not only the robust growth and quality of the harvest, but also the transition between vegetative and flowering phases. For feminized varieties, planting time is much more important than for autoflowering varieties. You certainly don’t want a ground frost to destroy your entire crop.

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What if we have too much light?

If you wanted to grow cannabis in a northern climate such as the UK, the Netherlands, Poland or Germany, the intensity of the sun’s rays would probably not be a problem. In the Mediterranean, however, complications can arise. Here you don’t have to worry about getting enough sunlight for the plant, but rather how to protect it.

There are several options. If you want to plant directly in the soil, look for a place where the sun shines only in the morning and then is hidden for most of the afternoon. This way, the plant will not be too exposed to heat or light stress in the shade. The plant should also not face south, where the afternoon sun will cause it problems. Instead, choose an east or west orientation.

Another option is to install a screen or pot of the plant and move it as needed. On a hot day, simply take it and hide it in the shade.

On the positive side, we don’t have such strong heat waves. It’s true that summer is much more intense than it was just a few years ago, but heat waves throughout the year are not as frequent here.

What about the lack of sunshine?

Outdoor cannabis and lack of sunshine
Outdoor cannabis and lack of sunshine

A small amount of sunlight is a slightly more difficult situation. If you have planted the plant permanently in a place where there is really little light, you can support it with outdoor lamps. It’s not an ideal solution, but at least you’ll get something out of it.

Again, replace the potted cannabis plant and move it to a better-lit location if necessary. Since you don’t want to find yourself in this situation, we really recommend thinking about where you want to plant the plant.

The sun will always be better than some artificial light, which is why the outdoors is so favored by many people. Finding a good location can sometimes be a real headache, but if you can do it, your worries are over. Then all you have to do is pick a great variety and get to work. Make sure the plants get plenty of light, though.

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