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We have a growreport on the cannabis variety Baba Yaga. Do you like this novice grower’s work? It’s good for a first time growing an autoflower outdoors.

Hello folks,

one of our customers has come up with a growreport on the Baba Yaga cannabis strain, apparently it was his first ever outdoor grow of an autoflower and so he wanted to show us off, which we are very happy about and we are sure everyone will enjoy his report.

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Number of plants: 4
Fertilizers: Advanced Nutritients and Atami booster for flowering phase
Training: none
Cultivation period: 3rd June to 13th August
Location: Austria
Harvest: 411g total
Taste: Fruity
Aroma: Citrus

Effect: Relaxing

Vegetative Phase

Apparently the vegetative phase lasted 4 weeks. You can see from the photos that the plants were handled a lot to get as much sunlight as possible. Probably growing in a small backyard, but no need to address that.

No stress techniques were used, so no bending or tying, which is understandable for a novice grower.

The growth of the two plants was typical of autoflowers, they were neither too large nor too small. However, one plant showed a slight decline and the other showed very rapid growth to all directions.

The bushy structure is evident.

Flowering Stage

The flowering phase brought with it a dilution of energy into the growth of buds and one could see the bright green gradually turning to dark in shades.

On several occasions the cannabis plants had to be moved to a sheltered environment, as stronger winds and rain were quite common in this climate zone in late June/July.

The great thing about the cultivation process was that no visible pests, apart from leaf miners, threatened the plants. Unfortunately no products against them were successful, which from the photos spoils the overall view of the Baba Yaga plants a bit.


Although he is a beginner in cannabis cultivation, we must admit that the fruits of his labour are very nice and buds of the Baba Yaga variety look great. We hope he enjoyed growing it and will be back next season with another report.

Do you like his work our unnamed grower? If so, the Baba Yaga variety is already waiting for its next one. Will it be you?


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