How often to water cannabis plants?

Water is very important for your cannabis plants. At what intervals can you water your plants to benefit them.

Water is an essential part of the life cycle of a cannabis plant. But it’s not just that you take a teapot or a hose and water the flower here and there. You need to know how often to water the plant and what is the ideal amount of water. It is also good to know when to add some nutrients to the water and when not.

At what time interval do we water cannabis plants?

Watering little cannabis plantNormal soil– Before adding water, make sure that the top layer is 1-2 cm dry. Your finger is best for this. Then you will know whether to add water or not.

Coconut fibers – if you use coconut fibers instead of ordinary soil, you can add water within one to two days. You do not have to wait for the top layer of fibers to dry.
When adding some nutrients to the water, make sure that 10-20% of the water drains away into the drip tray. Nutrition is important, but only in the right proportion. Coco is count as hydroponic medium, so you can fertilize every watering

It can also happen that the water does not drain into the drip tray fast enough. This is usually caused by poor water runoff (explained below).

Super soil  – is a very high quality organic mix, full of all possible microorganisms and for cannabis plants it is like made. Since super soil contains a lot of nutrients, you do not need to add another type of nutrition to the water. It is also not recommended to water a large amount of water with this type of soil, as excess water could wash away important nutrients.

How to water cannabis plants?

Watering small cannabis plantsIn the beginning, it will be easiest to choose a sprayer. As long as the plants are small, you won’t need that much water. When a plant grows, you will need a watering can.

How to capture excess water?

Autowatering cannabis plants

For a smaller number of plants, it is enough to have good drip bowls, which you just empty by hand. But with a large number of cannabis plants, this is impractical, as some may not even reach you.

With a large number, it is good to use one large tray, on which you place more pots. You can use the growing tubs for Ebb & Flow

Excess water is proof that you are giving the plants enough moisture, but you must make sure that the water drains well.

Make sure the plant has a good drainage

cannabis plants showering

It is essential that the water can drain in the normal way. If it stands somewhere, the whole pot will be soaked with water and the plants could start to wither.

How to ensure good water drainage?

It is essential that the water can drain in the normal way. Standing water in long term may cause the death of the plant. Draining holes must be at the lowest part of the pot with good drainage medium (perlit,keramzit or even crumble rockwool).

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