Megaton cannabis seeds – brand new feminized strain

Megaton cannabis seeds are a great feminized variety that will delight any growing enthusiast.

Megaton, a supercharged cannabis strain from Nuka Seeds


Do you like sativa cannabis strains but don’t know what to try? We have good news for you. Our Megaton cannabis strain is what you’ve been looking for.

Why is Megaton so special?

Megaton cannabis seeds box by nukaseeds

Megaton cannabis seeds are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a brutal yield with perfect effect. The feminized Megaton cannabis strain is a descendant of the famous Haze and White Widow parents. This giant has extreme yield and potency. When grown correctly, you can enjoy an outdoor grow with a THC content of up to 21%, a height of around 3 metres and a width so huge you won’t be able to hug the plant. If you’re intrigued by this monster and give it enough light, you’ll harvest a megaton of extra quality cannabis.

Megaton is the dominant variety of cannabis sativa, but matures in the mid-October range, or 56-65 days indoors. The taste is pleasantly sweet with notes of citrus and pine. Smoking this plant delivers is a purely psychedelic experience. The highs can be so narcotic that they quickly bring you powerful relief from pain, stress and muscle spasms. Feminized Megaton seeds are an absolutely perfect choice for commercial growers who have the space that this premium cannabis prefers, outdoors and indoors. These impeccable qualities also make it a good candidate for Phoenix Tears extraction.

Come get it!

This premium cannabis strain grows great, has a huge yield and can ground you solidly with its power. It’s just waiting for you, so come get it.

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