Cannabis can improve our mindfulness

What is mindfulness and how to increase it with marijuana.

Can we increase our mindfulness with marijuana?

Some people call it uplifting, others relaxing. There are other effects of marijuana, of course. There is a certain elevation of the mind that occurs, but can we be more focused in the moment because of it?

What is mindfulness?

It could be explained simply. Mindfulness is a state of mind where you are fully focused on the present or on a particular moment in the present. It is also about maintaining a sense of awareness of what you are doing in the moment.

World-renowned author, professor and master of meditation, mindfulness

Jon Kabat-Zinn is a world-renowned author, professor and meditation master who is a pioneer of modern mindfulness. In 1979, he adopted the basic Buddhist teaching of mindfulness – removing only Buddhism from it.

“I took this concept, bent it in different ways, reworked it, and found a way to talk about it without risking being labeled a Buddhist, a mystic, or some kind of weirdo,” Kabat-Zinn says.

So what is mindfulness according to this pioneer?

Mindfulness is an awareness that comes from purposeful focus on the present moment. Knowing what is on your mind.”

Practicing this mindfulness relieves stress, tension, anxiety and improves overall health. Sounds a bit like the effects of cannabis, don’t you think?

Manifestations of stress and anxiety in everyday life

Realistically, the last few years have been crazy. The modern 21st century can be really stressful. Stress and anxiety affect everyone. Panic attacks are rampant and the need to keep up with everything on your “to-do list” is sometimes impossible.

marijuana and meditation will help against stress and anxiety

Many people wake up and think about what they need to do now. Everyone is rushing from one errand to another. Whether it’s school, work, taking care of the family, or a million other activities that require our attention.

Let’s face it, we’re more distracted than ever lately. The worst part is the phone, which has practically become our inseparable partner. Text messages, calls and social media notifications.

No wonder there are more and more users of various forms of marijuana today than there used to be. But what would happen if the state that marijuana induces in you made you more mindful? Can you imagine what your life would be like if, after using marijuana, you focused all your thinking on what you were doing?

Cannabis to improve mindfulness

cannabis increases mindfulness

Perform morning rituals. Take a shower, have breakfast and start your day. Get ready for work or school. You can even walk the dog. Marijuana can make all these activities more enjoyable. But what goes through your mind during these activities?

If you’re like most people, you don’t think about walking your dog. You think about a lot of other things. What you did yesterday, last week, what you’re going to do today, if everything will be okay at work, and so on. In short, all sorts of scenarios, good and bad.

Now imagine doing all these things while inducing the effects of marijuana. Keep in mind the specific thing you’re doing. When you’re out with your dog, think about the walk and how happy the dog is to be out with you. When you’re in the shower, think of the stream of water hitting you and giving you energy. With food, savour the taste, savour every bite.

Always think of the moment at the moment!

mindfulness meditation and marijuana

How was it and how will it be?

Cannabis has been used in meditation for a very long time all over the world. Meditation is about keeping your mind fully focused on a single moment or moment.

Now put meditation aside and concentrate on what you are doing and have mindfulness.

This is not necessarily the case with high THC cannabis, as CBD varieties and extracts fulfil the same purpose.

It is up to you whether you want to experience this state of mind. You can try it. But if you concentrate fully on the moment, you will surely achieve it.

In our seed bank the most suitable variety for meditation is Banshee.

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