Nukaseeds took part in the Konopex 2023 cannabis fair in Trojhalí Karolína in Ostrava

Nukaseeds participated at Konopex cannabis fair in Ostrava. It was really nice event and we look forward to the next one in 2024.

Last weekend, the sixth edition of the Konopex cannabis festival took place in Ostrava, in Trojhalí Karolína.

Nukaseeds had the opportunity to attend this cannabis fair for the second time. And just like last year, this year was excellent.

What you could see at Konopex this year?

Besides the cannabis seed vendors, which weren’t there much this year, you could browse this fair and discover many interesting cannabis products. Lots of vendors selling CBD, HHC, flowers, and smoking supplies. You could also check out a few technological gadgets for growing cannabis and also companies that build houses directly from hemp fibers.

But this festival wasn’t just about buying various collectibles or souvenirs. You could also listen to lectures on various topics such as marijuana cultivation, the economic situation regarding hemp, types of cannabis extraction and the like.

This whole fair was accompanied by outdoor activities with music, food and seating.

Nukaseeds was also up for the best stand award this year and we were looking forward to some awards coming up, but unfortunately, there was only one award given and it went to one of the main sponsors.

We will look forward to next year’s event and hope that a bunch from Ostrava will invite us again. In the meantime, you can always check our offer of cannabis seeds.

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