Start growing cannabis ? Why should you start today?

There are many reasons to grow your own cannabis, now is the best time to give it a try!

If you’re involved in the cannabis community or smoke cannabis often, you’ve probably thought about growing your own marihuana. If you’ve ever thought about growing marihuana and had reservations about how difficult it can be, read on! There are many reasons to grow your own cannabis, now is the best time to give it a try!

Invest in your own plants and save a fortune

Start growing cannabis - Invest in your own plants and save a fortune

Although you may be asking yourself “Should I grow cannabis?” and you may be worried about the cost of growing cannabis, the initial investment in equipment is guaranteed to pay off. While the equipment needed to start your own grow is indeed an investment, in most cases it is a one-time purchase that you will use many times over. The average yield per plant starts at around one ounce of cannabis, so if you are able to sell cannabis legally, you should be able to make that money in a single growing cycle. Growing your own cannabis for your own use is also much cheaper than regular visits to your local dispensary; if you invest in one plant, you will save hundreds of dollars over time, especially if you always need to have a plant on hand for medicinal purposes.

Unlimited choice of cannabis varieties

Start growing cannabis - polaris cannabis seeds Nuka 15 seeds box package

Growing your own cannabis from seed gives you endless possibilities to try new varieties or grow a large number of your favourite varieties.

To help you choose, we have many varieties and we often publish articles on our blog presenting lots of information about growing marihuana.

Full control over process and product

When you grow your own cannabis plants, you have complete control over the growing process. You can decide how you want to grow your plants. Whether you want to start growing cannabis indoors or outdoors, whether you want to grow organically, hydroponically, in soil or in containers with soil, every single step of the growing process is up to you. What’s more, because you have complete control over the growing process, you know exactly what goes into your plants and how they are treated. You can decide what types of fertiliser to use, what types of soil and what chemicals are involved in the process.

In other words, everything is in your hands, from the source of the marihuana seeds you grow to the quality of the resulting varieties, which, let’s be honest, is always better when grown at home. When you grow your own cannabis, you become independent of all the unreliable cannabis sources you had to rely on before. If you’re not yet familiar with the different varieties of cannabis, trust us, the difference can be drastic.

Start growing cannabis - Full control over process and product

Get Enough varieties And Other Cannabis Parts For Experimenting

Did you know that you can get high in other ways than just smoking, or use marihuana in general to your advantage? Growing your own cannabis brings additional benefits in the form of healthy and effective by-products, including:

  • Stems. Cannabis stems are covered in trichomes, just like the varieties! Although they are less potent, you can get decent potency from the stems if you have enough of them, which is possible if you grow your own cannabis. We have plenty of recipes and tutorials on nukaseeds to help you make use of the stems.
  • Roots. Cannabis roots have been used as a medicine for centuries! You can use them to make teas, creams, and many other things beneficial to your health. You can find the recipes here.
  • Sugar leaves. marihuana leaves are also covered in some amount of resin that contains cannabinoids and terpenes. Besides that, they contain vitamins and microelements that are good for our health.
  • Kief. While smokers getting their cannabis from someone else have access to kief from the buds, marihuana growers get much more of it thanks to other cannabis plant parts. This makes it possible for them to experiment with kief and, for example, make kief tea.
Start growing cannabis - kief tea.

Should I Grow cannabis? Not A Question Anymore

As we have shown, there are more than enough reasons to start growing your own cannabis today. Growing your own marihuana will allow you to have complete control over how you grow your plants and what type of cannabis you grow; you’ll save yourself a lot of money; and with the information available, you may find that it’s something you enjoy and are really good at. Visit our seed bank and choose your first cannabis seeds to grow today!

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