07/09/2022 buds

How to dry cannabis flowers easily and cheaply

drying cannabis buds
In this article you will read how to dry cannabis buds properly and cheaply.
11/08/2022 buds

How to dry cannabis buds

trimming marijuana buds for drying and storing cannabis
Drying marijuana buds- the last step before enjoying your harvest.
12/07/2022 buds

Marijuana hangover: 5 facts

cannabis hangover
In this article you can read whether it is possible to have a cannabis hangover and how to avoid it.
23/06/2022 buds

How to store cannabis buds ?

buds of marijuana in a jar
How to keep cannabis buds tasting good even after several years?
02/05/2022 buds

How to recognise a good marijuana ?

view of cleopatra cannabis bud
At first glance, it may not be easy to distinguish really good quality “grass” from poor quality grass. In any case, the key characteristics that separate good marijuana from bad are the smell, appearance and texture of the buds. It doesn’t matter if they are CBD varieties or not. In this article, we’re going to look at how to recognize good weed without tasting it.
29/03/2022 buds

Cannabis beneficial acids and how they work

acids benefit your cannabis plants
Fertilisers are not always a guarantee of a good harvest. Acids are also good for plants and today you will learn more about them.
23/02/2022 buds

Symptoms and types of mould

how to get rid of marijuana, know what, prevent, mold
The 4 most common types of fungi that threaten your marijuana plants
08/02/2022 buds

Manual and machine trimming of cannabis, witch is better?

Manual trimming cannabis bud
Anyone who has experience with growing cannabis has surely asked themselves if it is worth the work of trimming cannabis and in this article we will look at this issue.
10/01/2022 buds

What affects the hardness of cannabis buds and how to increase it

cannabis nugets ultimate hard
There are a few factors affecting hardeness of your marijuana. If you want achieve hard buds, you have to choose a right strain and take care of plants healthy growth. Let´s look how to do it.
19/11/2021 buds

Individual parts of the cannabis plant

cannabis plant anatomy male ganja nuka seeds
Do you know every part of your cannabis plant? Are you able to distinguish males from females? If not, we will explaint everything to you.
16/11/2021 buds

What can affect the cannabis harvest outdoor?

cannabis plant harvest
Everyone loves the time of cannabis harvest. To see the end product of your work. What can affect your yield outdoor ?