What can affect the cannabis harvest outdoor?

Everyone loves the time of cannabis harvest. To see the end product of your work. What can affect your yield outdoor ?

This time we will be looking at outdoor cultivation. It all starts with the selection and subsequent careful planting of the seeds. With outdoor cultivation, we have less control over the outcome, but we bypass the problems associated with indoors and, last but not least, this way of growing is more economical and usually more environmentally friendly. Care must be taken when growing outdoors, which includes growing in greenhouses. There are pitfalls everywhere. Whether it’s pests, bad weather or nosy neighbours.

Cannabis harvest – find the right moment and keep an eye on your plants

ganja bud ready for harvest

The flowering time of cannabis they need depends on genetics.

Sativas need a long, warm summer to reach their maximum potential, while indicas are used to temperatures a few degrees cooler. Classic outdoor varieties of feminised cannabis are ready for harvesting from early September to late October. This applies to the northern hemisphere. It depends on the variety of cannabis you are growing, the soil, the weather, etc.

You can tell when it’s time to harvest by the pistils and or trichomes. Pistils must be at least 50% dark. If some of them are curled, you can start harvesting. But the most precisious way is by the colour of the trichomes. If the trichomes are 70% amber under the microscope, it’s the best time to harvest with the highest possible THC and CBD yield.

The weather has a big effect on cannabis plants

frostbitten cannabis buds

It’s clear as day that the weather will change from spring to the end of summer. We can’t count on bright sunny skies with occasional rain and optimum humidity levels. You’d better count on the fact that the weather will not always be to your liking. We are talking mainly about cloudbursts and fluctuating temperatures in blooming phase.

These climatic changes can play an important role in the finale. They could even threaten your crop, but that won’t happen if you are experienced and prepared to make important decisions regarding your cannabis plants.

Preparing the site and tools for cannabis harvest

nice ganja plants outdoor

You already know where your cannabis will be dried. Not sure? Then look for a dark place with a temperature of 15-20 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of 50-65% with fresh air flow. Just note that these values are considered ideal. If you can’t achieve them with absolute precision, it’s not such a problem. In areas with higher relative humidity, check the ganja where the buds touch the stem. These are the places where fungal infestation is most likely. Extreme drought, heat or access of daylight can negative affect flavour and overall quality of your yield.

Cannabis harvest – here we go!!!

Here we go! D-day. We recommend that all harvesting take place in the morning. Heat and sunlight could cause degradation of the THC during harvest. So be quick but careful

marihuana bud ready for harvest

Take a good look when cutting. You should look at each twig individually. Look especially for signs of pests and molds. You can tell most of them by the leaves. If any are grey, brown or even wilted, get rid of them quickly. This way, we’ll carefully inspect every part. If you suspect mildew, remove, separate or burn the affected part immediately. Always use clean tools. If the scissors are heavily clogged, you can use vegetable oil to clean them, followed by a soap.

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