06/09/2023 trimming

Mastering Cannabis Trimming: A Comprehensive Guide

Cannabis trimming, also known as manicuring, is the process of meticulously removing excess leaves, stems, and other unwanted plant material from the cannabis plant.
06/04/2023 trimming

Essential Cannabis Trimming techniques for your cannabis plants

Guy Trimming Cannabis Plant transparent
Each cannabis variety expresses its personality in a different way, so it is essential to choose the right Cannabis Trimming technique on a case-by-case basis.
20/09/2022 trimming

Is topping good for autoflowering cannabis strains?

cannabis plant with topping in close
Autoflowering cannabis strains becomes very popular. Have you ever considered topping them? Is it good or bad idea?
08/02/2022 trimming

Manual and machine trimming of cannabis, witch is better?

Manual trimming cannabis bud
Anyone who has experience with growing cannabis has surely asked themselves if it is worth the work of trimming cannabis and in this article we will look at this issue.
15/11/2021 trimming

How to prune cannabis plants properly?

how to prune cannabis plant
Do you know how to properly prune a cannabis plants? Whatever technique you use, you should always have at least basic knowledge. And we can help you with that.
28/05/2021 trimming

Should we cut autoflowering cannabis plants or not?

trimming cannabis leaves
Can we trim autoflowering cannabis plants or not? Many growers wonder about this.
28/05/2021 trimming

What training methods we can use for Paradox cannabis seeds?

When is the cannabis plant ready for harvest?
We have many methods to successfully train cannabis plants. Which of these will be suitable for Paradox cannabis seeds? It takes something special for this feminized strain.