Should we cut autoflowering cannabis plants or not?

Can we trim autoflowering cannabis plants or not? Many growers wonder about this.

Should we cut autoflowering cannabis plants or not?

If it is neccesary you can only prune your autoflowering varieties of cannabis if they grow fast, are healthy and until buds start to form. But never use FIM technique, cause it may to stop growing for too long.

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Pick the right time

We have a group of growers here who are of the opinion that pruning this variety is simply nonsense. They defend this by saying that the self-flowering plant only grows for some time, and it follows that disrupting its structure could put it in a stressful situation and paralyze its growth.

Others claim that they have already practiced this method and it is no problem. But the key is in the timing. When your plant is growing fast, it is possible to prune during the first few weeks.

So what should we follow? For starters, it is good to understand the plant itself. Most of the autoflowering varieties of cannabis begins to bloom sometime between the third and fourth week. Generaly, if the plant is in third week and has 3 internodes at least, its the right time for trimming.

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When it is not reccomended to cut autoflowering cannabis plants

  • If this is your first cultivation ever
  • the plant has some shortcomings
  • growth is slower

When is it in order to cut autoflowering cannabis strain

  • the plant is healthy and full of life
  • you need to adjust the shape

What’s the verdict?

marijuana cuttig leaf nuka seedsWe can conscientiously state that even if it is not recommended, we can prune autoflowering cannabis plants. It’s voluntary and no one is forcing you. However, you must pay close attention to the advice and tips regarding topping. This may not be a problem for experienced matadors, but a beginner or less advanced will choose a natural grow.

Have you ever thought of trying pruning on these types of varieties? Or do you think it shouldn’t be done?

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