Tips for growing autoflowering cannabis strains

Do you know how to grow autoflowering cannabis strains? If not, we have couple of tips for you.

Advantages of growing indoor autoflowering cannabis strains

Autoflowering strains have one important advantage over photoperiodic plants, namely their flowering, which does not come with the onset of light (photoperiod), but comes with the age of the plant. In this way, you can simply leave your plant under a constant light source from seed to harvest. You cannot stress automats with irregular light cycles in indoor and you can let bloom them in the best part of season or plant at the same place multiple times.

These parameters make them unusually popular among experienced growers and beginners. Whether you have experience or not, we hope that these tips will come in handy and help you improve your results.

When is the right time to plant cannabis ?

1. Choose the right cannabis strain

Genetics will play a big part in your activities. So the question arises, which varieties do you choose? Much will depend on your priorities in this case.

2. Don’t transplant your autoflowers

autoflowering cannabis strainThe life cycle of these varieties is quite short. It follows that mistakes are unforgivable and stress can really harm the plant. When the plant is under more stress, the growth usually stops or subdues. The transplantation is a stressful thing for the plant, so it should stay in the same pot until harvest time.

But don’t think you have to buy a pot of giant size because of it. Plants tend to be smaller in size, so choose an acceptable medium size. You need the plant to have enough space for the roots, but then again, you don’t want any disease of the root system. Smaller strains needs 11 litres pots at least.

3. Use root growth support

Ganja plant root support

Since cannabis varieties are short-lived in terms of cultivation, we must prepare them for a bloom well. The most important thing is to create a healthy root system as fast as we can.

If you use the root stimulant right at the start, the seeds will benefit the most. Of course, don’t overdosage.

5. Choose right light cycle

autoflowering cannabis strainFor these strains, you do not have to worry too much about choosing a light source. When growing autoflowering varieties, you can leave them under light in a ratio of 18/6 (18 hours of light, 6 hours of darkness). According to some, you can leave plants under light for 24 hours, but it is waste of energy for sure and even cannabis plants does not know infinity days, so it is a form of stress too. If your light is strong enough, we advice to keep 18/6, in the case of weak light, you can try 24/0. the yield should be better, but at the cost of minor stress.

6. Use low stress training only. SOG/Scrog

autoflowering cannabis strainSea of Green is a method where you grow many small  cannabis plants and train them to the shape of sea of green. This method is easier and much effective than training a few large plants. The Scrog is basically SOG where is used the mesh for bending branches, which is the most easy way of training. Those methods are LTS so they are perfect for indoor growing of most autoflowering strains,

Marihuana plant watering and feeding

7. Fertilization

Fertilize autoflowers gently. Don´t burn them. Always start with lesser dosage and very slowly add more nutrients especialy in hydro . In soil you can use a mix rich on nutrients, and avoid the posibilities of stress caused by too low or too high fertilization.

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