What is dabbing, how to do it and what are its benefits?

If you are a cannabis extract lover, we have some information about dabbing, which is basically the vaporization of cannabis extract called BHO, wax, shatter or budder.

If you’re even slightly involved in the cannabis world, you’ve probably heard of dabbing. It’s a very effective way to use cannabis through vaporization. A special so-called dabbing rig is used for consumption.

Thanks to dabbing we can use cannabis concentrates such as oil, wax, budder and shatter. You put these substances in a dabbing rig, which is heated by a jet lighter and turns into a vapour that you inhale immediately. Essentially, this is vaporization, but the appearance at first glance is very different from a traditional vaporizer.

What’s the difference between classic cannabis smoking and dabbing?

smoking vs dabbing

The biggest difference between these methods of marijuana use is purity. Even the best models, grown by the best growers, will not reach cannabinoid concentrations greater than 35%. In addition, flowers contain chlorophyll and other substances that have no added value and are also harmful to your lungs because they release unwanted substances into your lungs as they burn.

Dabbing is quite advantageous in this regard. There is no ignition, so no substances in the plant material are degraded and your lungs do not get as badly damaged. Dabbing itself also poses some risks, but these are in most cases linked to the style of production of the concentrates.

Extraction of cannabinoids by using butane and CO2

bowl of concentrate

Production using butane is not used much nowadays as it is quite an outdated method. This method is mostly used by those who make their own concentrates at home. The problem with butane extraction is that it leaves a small amount of butane in the final product. Even small amounts can cause health problems as butane is flammable and quite toxic.

CO2 extraction is much better. It’s much cleaner, the final product is of higher quality and there is much more of it. Extraction is done by pumping CO2 at high pressure onto the plant material and due to the high pressure it becomes liquid. Once the extraction is complete, the CO2 is returned to a gaseous state and then evaporated. Due to the absence of solvent, the final product is very pure.

There are another types of extraction cannabinoids, for example pressing or a method with a flat iron. These methods are either expensive (pressing) or they have low yields (flat iron).

How is dabbing done?

ignition of the dabbing rig

The following types of extracts are used in dabbing: budder, wax, shatter or Bee Honey Oil. All these types of concentrates contain high levels of active ingredients (THC and CBD) and terpenes.

When extracted correctly, you end up with a product that embodies all the characteristics of the cannabis strain (taste, aroma, effect). The concentrations of the substances are high, around 80%.

For consumption we use a dabbing rig, which is the equivalent of a water pipe. You use a nail instead of a regular cauldron.

The nail is heated with a lighter. The user then impales the plant material on a small needle and runs it over the edge of the hot rig. The heated form of the concentrate is then inhaled in the classic form.

In this method, the concentrate is not directly burned, but vaporized , which makes it essentially harmless to health, although the vapour thus produced is very “heavy” in the lungs.

What are the advantages of dabbing?

dab nail with concentrate

It’s true that dabbing doesn’t necessarily suit everyone, but on the other hand, when used correctly, a few benefits do come to light.


You get a huge amount of the THC into you. The amount of potent cannabinoids can be as high as 90% , so dose with respect and caution. Keep in mind that even with a large overdose you are not in any danger but it could be very unpleasant. In the case of CBD extracts, there is no risk of overdose.


The concentrates have a high terpene content due to the quality extraction. This gives you pretty much the entire flavour profile of the plant.


That being said, the extracts are extremely pure with the right manufacturing process and are also not harmful to your lungs. You don’t get burnt plant material in you like when you smoke and you don’t degrade your product.

Quick onset of action

If you are using cannabinoids for a treatment or just want the effect to come on quickly, you’ve won. When consumed using the dabbing method, the desired effect is almost immediate.

If you have heart problems, dabbing can be uncomfortable and sometimes risky, so be very careful or consult a doctor.

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