5 Tips For Germinating Old Seeds

Got Old Seeds? Help Them Sprout With These Tips And Tricks

Germinating Old Seeds? here are some good tips for germinating old seeds that are difficult to start or have problems germinating. Be patient, as seeds can take anywhere from three days to three weeks to germinate. I would only use some of these tricks if the seeds have not germinated after two or three weeks, or if you have some seeds in stock from a batch that has not germinated.

1. Pre-wetting with topped up water.

As a cannabis seed ages, its outer protective shell hardens and becomes impervious to water. If the tiny, dormant embryo that lives inside the shell does not detect moisture, it will not know that conditions are right for germination. The first step is to pre-soak old cannabis seeds for about 12 hours to see if that helps.

To increase your chances, use sparkling water and/or add one of these supplements that help with water absorption. Fulvic acid and most boosters provide a light dose of nutrients to the seeds.
  • Fulvic acid
  • Germination booster
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Gibberellic acid

The water should be warm, but not too hot. Aim for a temperature of around 22 °C. Avoid direct sunlight and make sure there is no glass in it. Do not soak the seeds for long periods of time, more than 24 hours can deprive them of oxygen and drown them.

2. Open the outer packaging of the hemp seeds ( Scarification )

Tips For Germinating Old Seeds
Germinating Old Seeds

Scarification, or shell grinding, can also facilitate the penetration of water through the hard outer shell of older seeds.

To scarify seeds, line a matchbox or other small container with sandpaper. Drop in the seeds, shake them vigorously for 30-60 seconds and then remove them. You may not notice much difference, but sometimes all it takes is a little microdamage for the water to penetrate the packaging and begin to germinate.

3. unscratch the ridge

The seed shell is made up of two parts that are joined by a seam around the perimeter. The side that is more raised than the other is the ridge. A hardened ridge can make it difficult to open the seed. To remove the ridge, run a sharp knife along the ridge on both sides. Handle it carefully and it should separate without damaging the inside of the seed.

instructions on how to scrape the comb
Tips For Germinating Old Seeds
Removing the ridge not only makes the seed easier to open, but also helps with water absorption.

4. Slice the seed

In a life or death situation, surgery may be the only option. Meaning – only do it if nothing else works, as this technique destroys as many seeds as it saves.

Instructions on cutting cannabis seeds
Tips For Germinating Old Seeds

5. What not to forget

If you intend to store the seeds for more than a year or two, proper storage will greatly increase the chances of late germination. Place them in an airtight container. Place the container in a refrigerator set at 6-8 °C with a relative humidity of 20-30 %. If excessive humidity is a problem, add silica gel packs to the container. You can also read the full article on seed storage

Following these steps increases the risk of damage to the seeds beyond the point of regeneration. Allow a few days to a week between each design for germination. Allow them to dry on the outside each time to prevent rot. Do not try all or many techniques at once.

Here’s why your Cannabis Seeds Haven’t Germinated!

In the future, consider growing seeds before they have a chance to age. They are not cheap, so letting them go bad is a waste in every way.

If you prefer fresh cannabis seeds, take a look at our seed collection, we have both autoflowering and feminized varieties and you will also find CBD variants.

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