Banshee cannabis seeds by Nuka Seeds

Banshee cannabis seeds are a perfect autoflowering variety that will delight any grower. Want to know more? Check it out.

Banshee auto – Our brand new autoflowering cannabis strain

banshee cannabis strain

Welcome to Banshee, our excellent autoflowering cannabis strain. No need to worry about appearances, Banshee is not here to scare you, but to deter any ailments that may be bothering you.

Let’s take a look at this ghost buster.

Excellent cannabis variety Banshee autoflower from Nuka Seeds is predominantly indica with great taste and a balanced smoke effect. The combination of Bubblegum and American Star OG Kush to create the demonically tasty Banshee. Thanks to its pungent aroma and irresistible appearance you’ll be tempted to taste the unripe buds. If you can get past that, however, after lighting the first joint, you’ll taste the exotic wood typical of Kush with hints of heady bubblegum. Other highlights include a rapid flowering time of 7-8 weeks, a patterned compactness and the greatest stability of all the varieties. The effect is slightly sedative and can effectively calm the body and mind to the level of deep meditation, making it suitable as a cure for insomnia or anxiety.

Growing Banshee auto is relatively undemanding. Due to its smaller stature, outdoor cultivation is
discreet and suitable for lower indoor spaces or greenhouses. Despite being autoflowers
are generally weaker, due to the influence of the ruderalis strain, Banshee with its approximately 17%THC is above average in strength and should be consumed with caution and due respect.

So, if you are interested in the Banshee cannabis variety, check it out.

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