Brick cannabis – What it is and how to ?

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Brick cannabis

Brick cannabis – sometimes called reggie cannabis or dirt cannabis. There are many terms for it, but it’s all the same! Read more in this article from Nukaseeds.

What is brick cannabis anyway?

Brick cannabis is – you guessed it – marijuana compressed into a brick. Instead of the beautiful green flowers we all know and love, it is usually black or brown cannabis that smells like ammonia. This compressed grass usually has to be smashed with a knife or scissors because it is so tightly compressed.

How brick cannabis is made

Brick cannabis growers skip the cutting and drying phase altogether. Instead, after harvesting, the flowers are (sometimes) left to dry on tarpaulins – with all the leaves – and then pressed into bricks using a hydraulic press.

If they are not allowed to dry sufficiently and the grass is pressed while still wet, mould will form and the brick grass will smell sickeningly sweet of ammonia.

How to revive brick cannabis

Even nowadays, you may find yourself smoking brick cannabis. However, there are a few things you can do to liven up the taste at least a little. If you have a supply of brick grass and it’s super dry, here are some tips to help you rehydrate your green cannabis.

Using citrus peels for extra flavour

Brick cannabis - citrus peel

Using orange or lemon peel is an easy and effective way to hydrate the cannabis and give it a little extra flavour, which is especially good if your brick grass smells of ammonia. Break your brick grass into small pieces and put them in a glass container. Cover the jar with foil and make a few holes in it. Place the citrus peels on top and close the jar with the lid. Open the jar for 10 minutes every day. Check the progress of the jar and it should be ready within a week.

Get Steamy Over A Kettle

If you have a small piece of brick cannabis, such as a figure eight or quarter, you can use a kettle to help you enjoy what you have. Place a small brick in a clean sock and steam it over a boiling kettle for just 30-45 seconds. Don’t overdo it! Be careful when removing the brick from the sock. Let it dry on a kitchen towel for 4-6 hours.

Using a pot and colander for larger bricks

Brick cannabis - Using a pot and colander for larger bricks

The previous method can easily be adapted to larger brick hemp stocks. If you have a large brick, about an ounce, break it into quarters and place it in a strainer. Hold the strainer over the boiling pot for 60-90 seconds. For drier bricks, 2 minutes may be enough, but be careful not to overdo it. Allow the steamed cannabis brick to dry overnight on a kitchen towel before using.

Ditch The Brick cannabis And Get Growing!

Enjoy the fact that nowadays you (probably) don’t have to smoke brick weed! Hundreds of amazing cannabis seeds are just waiting for you. Nukaseeds is happy to provide you with an amazing offer to help you find the perfect strain to start growing. And if brick cannabis is your only choice, it doesn’t have to be so bad – use our tips to give it the juice, and consider switching to something better when you’re done growing!

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