Cannabis break – 7 signs its time to take a break

Do you think that cannabis break is a nonsense? We have a few signs that say otherwise. Have a look and you might find this pause really good.

There are many reasons to take a cannabis break from smoking marijuana, and you may be thinking about taking a break from it for a while, but it seems strange because cannabis has been your best friend since day one. You’re not alone; it’s perfectly normal for cannabis users to give up their favourite product for a while. If you’re wondering if you should bench your bud, check out some of these reasons why you should abstain.

You’re spending too much money on cannabis

One-time purchases aren’t that expensive, but those one-time purchases turn into twelve times as much, and your empty wallet indicates something is wrong. It’s very easy to spend hundreds on a few grams and a couple of treats or concentrates and then look at the end of the month to find that you could have bought a plane ticket to Bali or better still a delicious amount of mozzarella sticks.

leftover joint

It takes precedence over your responsibilities, a cannabis break is quite appropriate here

You’ve told yourself that after work is Day 1 of Operation Back to the Gym, but instead you go home, smoke joints and pass out for the night. You told yourself you’d write that business plan tonight, but that one hit for a little inspiration turned into 87 hits of procrastination and now you’re watching the 80th episode of BBT. You were going to pay off that credit card, but you won’t get it until next month because you got a craving and ordered a delicious amount of pizza bars delivered straight to your mouth.

While cannabis isn’t entirely responsible for your laziness, a cannabis break like this might come in handy to eliminate temptation and focus on forming good habits and being more productive.

Spend all your free time in the room

To maintain your sanity, you need a social life. Your friends are important, and meeting other people outside is meaningful. Spending all your time with your dubbing equipment is fine, but so is being outside and spending time with loved ones. If your motivation to go out and do things with others is waning, try hiding your dabbing box for a while so you can step out of your comfort zone and renew some social connections.

You rely too much on creativity

Either you’re creative or you’re not. If you are, it’s not because you smoke, it’s because you’re talented and exceptional. I think the connection between cannabis and art is so strong that some creatives believe they can’t create without the other. If you’ve become so addicted to it that you can’t create without it, you should chill out on it for a while so you can see with a clear head what you’re really capable of.

Either you get too high and need to take a cannabis break

There was a time in college when I couldn’t even smell a blunt without passing out for the next six hours. Imagine you’re that friend: every time you get high, you pass out on the couch, and now you have a confined sitting area for the next 360 minutes. If you get too stoned and it leaves you too consistently stuck, you might need a less potent strain or product, or at least admit to yourself that your body isn’t built for war and you need to ease up for a while to get your units in order.

a man taking a cannabis break

Or your tolerance to cannabis has increased too much and you really should take a break for a while

Sometimes you smoke so much that you don’t feel the effects as strongly as you used to. The only way to get stronger is to take a little break to reset your tolerance a bit. Even just 24 hours will help, but a whole month? Oooohweee, that’s gonna make a big difference.

You feel guilty about it.

You’ve wanted to take a break for so long, or even quit smoking, that smoking makes you feel extremely guilty because you feel like you’re running away from a challenge. Anyone who has ever felt like they had to quit smoking and rearrange their priorities knows about this feeling.

Taking a cannabis break is not a bad thing, even though it may seem like an unimaginable feat. You can still grow or try different cannabis recipes, buy some good seeds for the next season, or maybe write a blog about cannabis.

There’s always a way.

Published by Jan VeselĂ˝


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