What are the ideal conditions for cannabis seedlings?

What are the ideal conditions for cannabis seedlings? How to take care of seeds and what light is better for cannabis germination? Answer is right here.

Cannabis young seedlings need specific care, which can seem very complicated.

When working with seedlings, it is a good idea to know the conditions in which they thrive best. So, let’s take a closer look at the ideal temperature, airflow and the equipment needed to do it all.

Small marihuana plant in the pot

Ideal conditions for cannabis plants

Many growers agree that the best temperature for our little plants should be around 23° Celsius. The humidity level should be 70% in growth while there should be sufficient airflow. Marijuana seedlings are fed from naturally available supplies, so we don’t fertilize them. If mineral fertilisers are used in the watering, the death of the plants is almost certain.

After Sprouting

Once our seeds have sprouted into nice seedlings, it is advisable to place them in a propagator. Basically, it’s a plastic tray that has a transparent lid. The propagator keeps the humidity levels down and the plants get enough light. Ganja seeds propagator

The exception is the larger propagators, which have built-in ventilation and are slightly larger. Here the plants can stay a little longer.

The lid of the propagator is then removed if the cannabis plants have a second/third tier of foliage or if they are larger than 7cm. If you are growing indoors, we recommend installing a smaller fan so that the plants have an ideal air supply (unless the fan is part of the propagator). When outdoors, an open environment will take care of the airflow.

You can make a propagator at home with a simple plastic bowl and a transparent cover (bowl lid or food film).

Cannabis seedlings and light

cannabis seedling on light

Cannabis seedlings don’t need a lot of light, weak fluorescent bulbs with white daylight spectrum light are sufficient. It is not advisable to place them behind a window, even on the south side the seedlings tend to pull themselves up too high in an attempt to find a better position. Such overgrown seedlings then have difficulty supporting their own leaf weight. The artifical light is the best and safer way of growing baby plants.

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