Scromiting or vomiting induced by smoking marijuana

Some people think that cannabis use can cause scromiting – a severe condition causing uncotrolable vomiting. Is that true or not?

Recently, a British newspaper reported that cannabis use causes scromiting, a condition in which a person screams and vomits at the same moment and that it has become widespread in America. But to set the record straight, have you ever seen a stoner that suddenly started vomiting uncontrollably in the street and screaming while doing it? The article is more likely to talk about cannabis hyperemesis syndrome, a medical condition that is not yet fully understood and according to some may not exist.

More recent misinformation about cannabis use

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In addition to the first report, a second report has stirred up the waters around cannabis, calling cannabis legalization in California a social relations nightmare that needs to be stopped very quickly before it’s too late.

Of course, this is melodramatic and the authors of the article are only focused on bringing the cannabis industry down in the public eye. They back it all up with their would-be studies that cannabis induces this aggressive form of vomiting.

The funny thing is you won’t even find any such study.

Interestingly, the whole scromiting thing came from an interview with Dr. Roneet Lev, who works at a hospital in San Diego. She was basically the one who came up with the funny name and claims that people who are scromiting are showing up at her office more and more often. In the interview, she also mentioned a 2004 case where three young men died from complications caused by cannabis hyperemesis syndrome.

Of course, we would like to point out that no one has ever died from consuming cannabis and it is hard to believe that there are such a large number of people suffering from this health problem.

What exactly is Scromiting, or Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome?

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Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS) is a condition associated with the long-term use of cannabis in large quantities. Symptoms include morning sickness, pain in the stomach area, vomiting (prolonged, even for several hours), and frequent showering or washing.

Frequent showering is a pretty interesting symptom of a medical disorder, and not many people understand why it happens. According to a 2011 study, it can soothe nausea by acting on the thermoregulatory system of the hypothalamus, which may be affected by cannabis highs.

These symptoms can last until the individual in question stops using cannabis.

Is scromiting even real?

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It’s debatable. For example, CHS has only been known about for a few years and research around the syndrome is as yet scant. The syndrome first appeared in 2004 in Australia, as described by this study. Researchers noticed that all of the ten patients were chronic marijuana users. Seven of them then stopped using cannabis and the symptoms disappeared, while the remaining ones continued because they did not want to stop.

Another group claims that CHS is caused by contact with neem oil, an organic pesticide. But complications through the use of neem oil are a little different.

Fortunately for everyone, this is just conjecture and not science-based facts. Many scientific studies have surfaced over the past few years, but none have confirmed the origin and cause of CHS. Vomiting as such can occur in some people, and even if they regularly use marijuana, but it doesn’t always have to be attributed to marijuana. But if you have these problems, you’d better see a doctor.

But we can assure you that this is not an epidemic or marijuana poisoning. Individuals who claim this usually have little information or often trying to create disinformation to create a fear from cannabis.

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  1. Now and then it happens that I burp, but that happens when the ganja is sharp and not flushed. But usually I have to have some booze in me for that to happen.

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