28/07/2022 Studies

Why does cannabis interact with other drugs ?

cannabis and other drugs
Due to the complex effect of cannabis on the human body (endocannabinoid system), interactions with other substances occur. Therefore, if you plan to combine any drug together with cannabis, you should know what can happen.
12/07/2022 Studies

Marijuana hangover: 5 facts

cannabis hangover
In this article you can read whether it is possible to have a cannabis hangover and how to avoid it.
24/06/2022 Studies

6 best tips for growing cannabis outdoors in summer!

Top 6 tips for growing cannabis outdoors in summer
Summer is just around the corner and is one of the best times of the year for any grower cannabis. In this article you will find the 6 best tips to help you create the best outdoor cannabis garden and what to look out for.
27/05/2022 Studies

Cannabis and Tourette syndrome – how can marijuana help people with the disease?

a man cursing and holding marijuana
What is the connection between cannabis and Tourette syndrome? Can marijuana help against this disease? How far is the research so far?
23/02/2022 Studies

Epilepsy in Children, can THC contribute to treatment ?

blue brain and chemical compounds
CBD helps in the treatment of epilepsy and many other diseases. Recent studies have shown that THC can also be effective when combined with other cannabinoids.
28/12/2021 Studies

CBD and schizophrenia – cannabidiol helps against the symptoms of this serious illness

relationship between cbd and schizophrenia
CBD and schizophrenia – a very interesting topic. Can this cannabinoid help people with this disease?
01/12/2021 Studies

Former police officer helps seniors understand the medical potential of cannabis

bag of cannabis and sherif
Medical potential of cannabis has reached to many seniors and a retire cop explains them the benefits of using marijuana for health.
29/11/2021 Studies

Weed 5: The CBD Craze Sanjay Gupta Full Documentary 2019

Weed 5 Sanjay Gupta
his fifth documentary WEED 5 Gupta returning to Colorado where he started his journey and introduced viewers for the first time to the word few could even pronounce – Cannabidiol
25/11/2021 Studies

Cannabis and Lyme disease treatment

cannabis and lyme disease
how do doctors see the connection between cannabis and Lyme disease? According to some studies, the marijuana plant could cope with this unpleasant disease.
19/11/2021 Studies

Top four countries with the most advanced cannabis research

cannabis research oil nuka seeds
Cannabis Research is blooming everywhere. But there are four countries in the lead. Can you guess them all?
13/09/2021 Studies

IQ and cannabis – is there any connection?

IQ cannabis
There is a connection between IQ and cannabis. But what exactly happens in the human brain when it uses marijuana? Let’s try to find the answer.