Does Chewing cannabis Stems Get You High?

If you’ve ever run out of cannabis, you may have considered smoking or even chewing the remains of the cannabis plant

Chewing cannabis Stems – If you’ve ever run out of bud, you may have considered smoking or even chewing the remains of the cannabis plant, such as the stem. Surely there must be some THC left in the stem of the cannabis plant, right? Save yourself the trouble: smoking or eating the stalk of the herb won’t do much to help you get the effect. Here’s why.

 Chewing cannabis Stems - Myth or reality

Chewing the stems of the cannabis gives a high: Myth or reality?

Although there are those who claim that you can get high by chewing the leftover stalks, this is a complete myth. Marihuana stalks contain so little THC – which has also not been activated by heat – that chewing them in the hope of getting a little high will not yield any results. Those who claim to achieve a high after chewing cannabis stalks are most likely experiencing a placebo effect.

The 2 main reasons why chewing raw cannabis stalks doesn’t work

Chewing cannabis Stems  - raw cannabis stalks doesn't work

Eating weed stalks will have the same effects as eating raw cannabis: none. The stalks, like any other part of the marihuana plant, must be decarbonised – heated to activate the cannabinoids – for any effects to occur. We can look further to see exactly how and why eating raw stalks will not get you high.

Firstly, low THC content

If you are wondering whether eating cannabis stalks will get you high, you may be disappointed. The stalks have so little THC that you would have to consume a huge amount to feel the effects. Even smoking the stems is not recommended at all and is the equivalent of smoking dried wood chips – in fact, it’s far worse than smoking any kind of marihuana. If you want to consume stems at all, you need to first decarburise them, brew them and eventually enjoy them in edible form. Our advice is this: for your next crop, choose strains with a high THC (Paradox Megatuna) content. This way, your supply will last longer and you won’t have to use stems.

Secondly, the stems need to be de-stalked

Chewing cannabis Stems - cannabis decarboxylation

The stems of the herb, like any other type of cannabis that can be consumed, need to be decarbonised to activate the THC. To decarburise marihuana stalks, heat them in the oven at 240°F (about 115°C) for about an hour. Once decarburised, you can use the stalks in tea or add them to a fatty substance (such as milk, oil or butter). To increase the number of ways to use the stalks, cook them in the fat of your choice for at least 30 minutes before adding them to any dish. Even after this time, however, don’t expect a stunning kick – the effects of the decarbonised stems will still be extremely mild.

Try these ways to consume cannabis stalks – they will work

Although chewing cannabis stems does not produce any psychoactive effects, you can use the stems in other ways. The stems contain a small amount of THC, so if you keep enough (at least a few grams) you can make cannabis tea, which is often considered the best use of the stems – but remember to decarbonize the stems before consumption. You can also use the stems to make cannabis alcohol, cannabis tinctures, cannabutter or hash.

cannabis stems are not useless

Now that you know you don’t have to bother eating hemp stems to get high, you can start saving them for a nice batch of hemp butter, hemp tea, or any other product you like. Share your recipes with your friends and dispel the myth that chewing stems can get you any kind of high.

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