What is flushing and what are its advantages.

Why it’s a good idea flushing cannabis plants before harvesting.

In the world of cannabis cultivation, the topic of flushing marijuana plants seems to be a constant debate. Opponents of the technique believe that flushing cannabis plants before harvest will deprive them of important nutrients, which is clearly a wrong view. On the other side are the proponents who claim that flushing removes excess nutrients and contaminants from the plants and leads to an overall higher quality of cones.

In this article, you will learn the truth about flushing: what exactly it is, why it is so important for cannabis growers to flush marijuana plants, and the best way to flush for maximum quality marijuana flowers.

What is flushing and for whom is it useful?

Before we get into the reasons why flushing plants is so important, we need to be clear about what exactly it is. Flushing involves watering marijuana plants without added nutrients for a period of time – from a day or two to a week or more, depending on the growing medium – before harvesting. The purpose of this procedure is to give the cannabis plants time to use up the nutrients that have already accumulated in them, thereby reducing the overall nutrient and contaminant load at the final flowering stage of the cannabis plant. Flushing is generally recommended for all growing media, whether it is hydro, coir or soil.

The importance of flushing cannabis plants.

Although some people in the industry hold opposing views, the importance of flushing marijuana plants is confirmed by the vast majority of experienced cannabis growers. Many of them have experienced first-hand what it is like not to flush cannabis plants and have seen first-hand the significant difference in the quality of the crop. Keep in mind that if you don’t give your cannabis plants a chance to rid themselves of excess nutrients by flushing before harvest, your cannabis buds will be much harder and bitterer tasting. Not flushing can also cause your harvest to suffer from other negative side effects such as black ash and unpleasant chemical taste and smell.

Flushing or not flushing cannabis plants: pros and cons

Although the vast majority of growers understand the importance of flushing and have verified its benefits through their own practice, there are those who still oppose it.

Opponents of flushing make some bold claims, such as:

  1. Depriving plants of nutrients at any stage of the growth cycle is counterproductive.
  2. Once the nutrients are absorbed into the plant tissues, they remain there permanently. The plant cannot expel or consume them simply by withholding further nutrients.
  3. If flushing were actually beneficial, then plants grown in water would always be more palatable than plants grown in soil, because soil cannot be effectively flushed.
  4. Nutrient retention causes stress to plants, which inhibits flowering instead of encouraging it.
  5. Plant flushing is a “pseudoscience” that has not been supported by any legitimate scientific study.

Let’s look at these arguments against flushing one by one.

  1. Flushing cannabis plants does not mean that you are depriving them of nutrients. On the contrary, it allows the cannabis plants to use up excess nutrients. If you supply your cannabis plants with a full dose of nutrients until harvest time, they retain excess nutrients that affect the quality of the harvest, including flavor, aroma, and overall smoothness. It is also important to note that the purpose of flushing is not to encourage new flower growth, although flushing may cause the flowers of your crop to swell, as marijuana plants do not expend all their energy on nutrient uptake.
  2. Any grower who has experienced nutrient burn knows that the argument that plants cannot excrete excess nutrients has no weight. Ask any experienced marijuana grower how to remove nutrient damage and they’ll tell you: the same logic applies to flushing before harvest. You’re giving the marijuana plants plenty of time to use up excess nutrients, salts and other compounds.
  3. The argument that soil cannot be effectively flushed is simply illogical and wrong. Plants grown in soil can be flushed, it just takes longer than flushing cannabis plants grown in hydroponics or coconut.
  4. It is true that nutrient retention puts stress on plants and causes them to increase their defences. However, for some marijuana plants, the primary defensive compounds are actually the most desirable properties, so flushing before harvesting can significantly increase the value of the buds.
  5. At Advanced Nutrients, they employ teams of PhD botanists, microbiologists, entomologists, hormone specialists and organic chemists in the field. These scientists are dedicated solely to the study of best growing practices and continually conduct laboratory research. The idea that plant flushing is a “pseudoscience” is simply absurd. And you can even write to them for expert advice and consultation.

The truth about flushing

agent for flushing marijuana plants before harvesting cannabis buds
  1. Flushing the plants before harvest is a really beneficial practice. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Opponents of flushing are right when they say that flushing can deprive plants of nutrients, but that’s only if you flush them with plain water. The reality is that flushing with plain water can cause plants to lose some of their flower growth and resin percentage. That is why it is very important that you use a quality flushing agent that is designed specifically for marijuana plants.
  2. When it comes to flushing cannabis plants, you should be sure to use one that contains a range of chelates. Chelates are organic compounds that can bind with other chemicals and substances. During the flushing process, these chelates bind to excess nutrients, salts and other compounds in the plant and push them out.
  3. At the same time, your marijuana plants use the stored nutrients they need during the last days and hours before harvest. A high-quality flushing will give your plants the support they need during this process, while helping them get rid of excess substances you don’t want at the final harvest.
quality flushing agent for cannabis plants

So when flush the cannabis plants?

In addition to using the correct flushing agent, you need to ensure that you flush at the right time to get the most out of your flushing. Use the following information as guidelines for pre-harvest flushing:

this flushing agent removes fertiliser residues from cannabis plants that can build up over time in hydroponic systems
  • If you are growing in soil, start flushing at least 10 days before harvest.
  • If you are growing cannabis plants in a coconut, we recommend flushing 5-6 days before harvesting.
  • If you are growing marijuana in a hydroponic system, just flush the plants for 3 days before harvest.

Of course, care must be taken when flushing to ensure that the cannabis plants do not turn too yellow. Adjust the flushing time as necessary to find the ideal time for your cannabis plants.

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