Tips for growing autoflowering cannabis plants

How to grow autoflowering cannabis plants?

Tips for growing autoflowering cannabis seeds

Autoflowering cannabis strains are very specific, so it doesn’t hurt to have plenty of knowledge on how to grow these cannabis strains. If you’re a beginner and don’t know much, we’ve put together some useful hints and tips on how to get the most out of these strains.


Germinating ganja autoflowering seedsAutoflowering cannabis strains are most demanding in about the first month of growth. If you get something wrong at this stage, it will affect the overall yield a lot. After seeds sprout put them directly into a medium or substrate in which these plants will go through its entire life. The most convenient for many is to put the seeds directly into the soil. Transplating may cause a stress, what lead to stop the plant in important vegetative weeks.

The Vegetative phase

Ganja plant vegetative phase

Some models are prone to overfertilization, so use caution and do not give higher doses than recommended by the manufacturer. Be sure not to cut or tear the leaves.

The Flowering phase

ganja plant flowering phaseA month after germination, we should slowly see the sex, but it depends mostly on certain strain description. Most of automatic strains are feminized so you do not have to identify male plants. About half way through flowering (or even earlier) it’s a good idea to make a plastic shelter (if they are not in a greenhouse) for them. If buds get wet they can get mould very quickly.

Your cannabis is ready to harvest

Then comes the favourite season and that is the harvest. How do you know when to harvest your cannabis plants? Simple, as soon as the colour of the stamens on the cones turns brown, you’re good to go. Instructions for determining the ideal time read here.

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