Growing cannabis from seeds or clones?

You may use seeds or clones for growing cannabis. What is better for growers and marijuana users? Let’s look at some pros and cons.

Have you also wondered before you started growing cannabis plants whether to choose clones or seeds? Cannabis seeds are readily available and you have a wide choice. Clones from a single mother plant will be almost identical, plus if you prepare the clones in advance it saves time.

The benefits of growing marijuana from seeds

They are readily available

If you don’t have a breeder as a friend, you can order cannabis seeds over the internet or in seed shops. There are proven seed banks, such as Nukaseeds, where you can buy the best quality seeds that will arrive at your home in a few days. You can also order them to EU countries where growing is not yet legal, but in the form of souvenirs.

Feminized cannabis seeds

They are female genetically engineered seeds. With feminized marijuana seeds, you have a 99% chance that each cannabis seed will only grow into a female plant. This is an advantage over clones, which may be more likely to suffer from hermaphroditism, which the motherplant can experience after being exposed to stress.

They are more resistant

Marijuana plants are more resistant to disease and pests. And there’s no risk of bringing home pests or diseases with your seeds.

What are the disadvantages of growing cannabis from seed

Germination of all cannabis seeds is not 100%

We already know that 99% of feminised seeds will germinate into female cannabis plants, but we must not forget that this does not guarantee that marijuana seeds will germinate at all. The fact that some seeds do not germinate will simply happen sometimes. Therefore, it is a good idea to prevent this from happening, for example by buying quality seeds from a prestigious seed bank such as Nukaseeds, where there is minimal chance that your cannabis seeds will not germinate.

Longer growing time for cannabis

If we decide to grow from seed, we have to allow some time for the seeds to germinate, which takes a few days. Then it takes up to 14 days for the sprouts to grow to the size of an average clone. The time you lose is about three weeks. Indoor growers solve this problem with a smaller growbox where they set up the plants.

Benefits of growing cannabis from clones

We know what we’re going to grow

If you have your own selected and tested mother plant that you have not stressed in any way, you can be pretty sure that its clones will have the same appearance, taste, strength and sex. Perfectly maintained mother plants degrade very slowly, over a period of years. However, many growers cut too often and fail to prevent stress factors over such long periods of time.

It saves us time

Cannabis cuttings can save us two to four weeks of cultivation, which is a significant advantage especially for commercial indoor growers. Logically, this advantage over seeds does not apply if you have your own clones that you have to root somewhere and you also need more space for the mother, because you can prepare seedlings from seed anyway.

What are the disadvantages of growing marijuana from a clone

Availability of cuttings

One of the main problems is that the trade in cuttings is illegal in most EU countries so they are not easy to obtain.

Mother growers who offer cuts don’t always have what you want, so you have to adapt to their options.

Difficulty of growing mother plants

Cannabis mother plants require special treatment. Selection itself is a very demanding process. Mother plants need their own space with perfect conditions for constant growth, without the risk of stress. Pruning is by no means for beginners. Advanced experience in growing cannabis is a prerequisite.

And you must also have complete trust in the mother from whom you got the cuttings. Mother plants cannot be made from autoflowering varieties.

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