Growing guide – Megaton cannabis seeds

There are many feminised strains, but Megaton cannabis seeds are a must-have. This growing guide will point you in the right direction.

So you have already purchased Megaton and are wondering how you will grow it?

Indoor vs Outdoor Megaton cultivation

Hemp colas outdoorWhen growing indoors, it is essential to adjust the light cycle. Growers usually switch on the lights when the plants reach the correct height (about one half of the desired final height). Switching is done at this point because the plants will still grow considerably during flowering phase and therefore need space to grow properly.

To start the flowering phase indoors, you need to switch the lights to 12/12 mode. A longer period of darkness will encourage autumn conditions and trigger flowering in photoperiodic cannabis plants.

When growing outdoors, it is very important to plant the feminized cannabis seeds at the right time. Why? Because the length of the day varies depending on the time of year and plants need to have a specific cycle to thrive. To give them this cycle, it’s a good idea to plant them in the spring (when it’s not freezing) and you can harvest them in the autumn.

If you switch the indoor Megaton too early, it will also increase three to four times as it tries to reach its genetic potential. The same goes for outdoor if you plant too late. However, this accelerated growth in early bloom takes away the plant’s power to form buds.

How long does it take to grow Megaton cannabis plant?

Indoors, Megaton will be ready after 8-9 weeks and outdoors it should be ready to harvest by mid-October. This is a very short time for a cannabis variety with such a huge harvest and perfect effect.

What is optimal humidity and temperature for Megaton cannabis plant?

Ensure the correct relative humidity, which should not exceed 50% in the bloom for long periods of time. On the other hand, it is hardly harmed at all by short-term temperature stress. Ideal is 40% relative humidity and 24 celsia of temperature while sunshine and 20 celsia in dark. Of course don´t forget to provide good enough airflow first and then correct temperature and humidity.

So you have at least basic information on growing this variety of cannabis. You can buy Megaton here.

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