How to germinate cannabis seeds : instructions

The key to future growing success is to learn how to germinate cannabis seeds.

How to germinate cannabis seeds

The article will cover how to germinate cannabis seeds, it all starts with the seed. Learning how to germinate cannabis seeds is the foundation for future growing success. Proper seed germination will set you on the path to healthy plants and a bountiful harvest. However, to learn how to germinate cannabis seeds properly, there are a few things to consider.

Selection of cannabis seeds

How to germinate cannabis seeds

First you need to decide what hemp seeds you will grow, take a look at our hemp seed models we have both feminized : Megaton, Paradox, Polaris you can also find autoflowering : Automaton, Babayaga, Banshee, Tokamak, Cleopatra CBD variety.

Beginners should start with cannabis with a predominance of indica, which are small and have a short flowering time.

Sativa-dominant cannabis plants tend to spread more and have a longer flowering period. If your seeds have been stored for a long time, check out these germination tips for old seeds.

Germinated seeds

planting seeds in the row
how to germinate cannabis seeds

Some people choose the wet paper towel method for germinating seeds, but we recommend sowing the seeds directly into the medium you plan to grow them in. This will reduce the stress the seeds will feel when transplanting and ensure a young plant in your chosen mix.

Damp paper towel

Place the seeds on a plate between two dampened paper towels. Place the plate on top to cover and within a few days you should see the seeds burst and a root emerge. Immediately and carefully (using tweezers) place the seeds in the growing medium root down and water them.

There is nothing wrong with using a damp paper towel, as long as you are gentle with the emerging tap root and do not let it grow too long before planting. In my opinion, you should simply place the plant in its own substrate to reduce the likelihood of damage to the delicate young roots and shoots.

Straight Into Medium

Make a hole in the pre-moistened growing medium. Drop the seeds about a quarter to half an inch deep. Cover the seed with more growing medium and gently firm it.

It is important not to plant too deep and to keep the medium moist and warm for best germination success. A clear plastic sheet placed on top of the container helps to keep it moist. A heating mat under the plastic tray will increase success as well.

Seedling Care

How to germinate cannabis seeds

Within a few days you should see a small green shoot growing from the top of the medium. Immediately place the seedling in suitable lighting. Metal halide (MH) lighting is ideal for the fastest growth, but fluorescent or light-emitting diode (LED) lighting works well and does not generate as much heat.

Whatever lighting you choose, always remember not to hold the grow light too high above the seedling as this will cause it to stretch to reach the light and leave your young plant looking long and lazy. Use a timer to make sure the lights are on for at least 18 hours a day. Learning to germinate cannabis seeds also means taking proper care of your emerging seedlings.

Use a thermometer/hygrometer to keep track of these factors at all times. As the plant adapts to the new environment, you will see new leaves sprouting further out. Your plants are now well into their vegetative stage of plant growth.

In conclusion – How To Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Now that you know how to germinate cannabis seeds, you are ready to start the process of growing your own weed. Just remember to provide the plants with light, food and water when they need it and keep the environment within acceptable levels of temperature and humidity. You will avoid so many problems by simply maintaining the right parameters.

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