How to make phoenix tears?

Hemp extract called phoenix tears, instructions for production from Rick Simpson himself. Phoenix Tears is a cannabis extract with significant therapeutic benefits.

The best results are achieved by extracting an indica strain with a balanced proportion of THC and CBD. Study the recipe carefully, it’s not difficult but caution is needed. This article is for informational purposes only, Green Earth does not have this extract and certainly does not offer it. Green Earth offers CBD drops and CBG drops hemp foods and cosmetics made from registered hemp varieties.

injction of phoenix tears

For those who want to start taking phoenix tears extract

Hemp extract of phoenix tears will lower your blood pressure. If you are taking any medications for high blood pressure, you may not need them soon. The same goes for diabetics. I have witnessed cannabis extract regulate blood sugar levels so that insulin did not need to be administered.

I’m not a doctor and have no right to tell people what they should do. Personally, I wouldn’t even think about undergoing any of the forms of cancer treatment offered by our medical system. I do not recommend taking the extract along with chemotherapy. What is the point of making your own medicine and then having the medical system give you massive doses of poison.

Based on my experience with cannabis medicine, I have found that once someone starts taking cannabis extract, they usually stop needing most pharmaceutical drugs. Hemp extract phoenix tears seems to be well tolerated with most natural medicines. However, I have heard a few times from those who have tried to combine it with pharmaceuticals that it gave them stomach aches, etc. But all these problems stopped once they stopped taking the prescription drugs.

I would like to welcome all who will try to help those they love in the world of real medicine with this information. Once again, I would like to warn you to be careful when evaporating solvent. The vapors are highly inflammable. Do not have anything hot around, sparks, cigarettes, etc. The fumes could ignite.

How much extract to make and take?

From half a kilogram of dry sticks (flowers), you usually get about 60 grams (55 – 60 ml) of high quality extract (phoenix tears). This amount of extract will cure even the most severe cases of cancer. The average person usually consumes this dose in about three months. The extract is very strong, so it is necessary to start with small doses. It is a good idea to start with a small drop of FS about the size of a grain of rice and take it two to four times a day. After four to five days, slowly increase the daily dose.

The body will gradually build up a tolerance to phoenix tears and it can be taken more and more often. In cases where people are in great pain, I recommend increasing the dose rapidly until the pain is reduced to an acceptable and tolerable limit. A good quality cannabis extract will stop the pain even in cases where morphine does not help. Superficial injuries can also be treated with cannabis extract – the pain usually disappears within minutes.

I won’t be drugged?

Using the above procedure, most people manage to go through the entire treatment without ever feeling “high”. But with cannabis, a little stoniness is not a big deal, the effects wear off quickly even if someone takes too much of the extract. Still, nothing serious happens. No one has ever died from cannabis medicine.

What about phoenix tears and addiction?

Cannabis extract does not make the body want to take more of it. It is non-addictive, harmless and effective for virtually all health problems.

What is the difference between hemp oil and hemp extract, is it the same?

No! It is a cannabis extract that is made from the flowers and small leaves of the cannabis plant. It is an extract from the cannabis plant. Only hemp seed oil can be bought in health food stores. It is often confused with the extract. Although it is also very beneficial, it does not contain enough THC to have an effect on cancer and other serious diseases.

Rick Simpson

How should I use phoenix tears extract?

The high quality extract can be smoked through a vaporizer, taken internally or taken topically. For use on the skin, add the extract to creams and ointments.

Recipe for making phoenix tears


You need a pound or more of good quality cannabis.  The amount of extract from each variety will vary. But all of them can be used to make a phoenix tears extract with amazing healing properties.

The process of making phoenix tears:

  • Put the completely dry raw material into a plastic container
  • Pour the solvent of your choice over it. A variety of solvents can be used. I like to use pure medical gasoline, but that costs $500 for a two-liter drum. 99% isopropyl alcohol (or 96% alcohol) can be used as well. Alcohol absorbs more plant chlorophyll than medical gasoline. Extracts prepared with alcohol are darker, but the strength of the extract is not affected. Extracts prepared with ether, medical gasoline, butane and many other diluents are amber and clear in colour. Clear extracts look better, of course, but dark extracts can be just as effective. With proper manufacturing procedures, little or no residue (foreign matter) remains in the extract. I have been using extracts prepared using different solvents for eight years and have not observed any harmful effects. You will need approximately five litres of solvent to extract THC from half a kilo of dried cannabis (raw material). To make an extract from one ounce (31 grams) you will need a maximum of half a litre of solvent.
  • Start shallowing and stirring the plant material with a clean (chemically untreated) wooden stick or something similar. You will see that even solvent-laden material can be easily crushed.
  • Top up the solvent until the starting material is completely submerged in it. Continue to stir and crush the plant material with a wooden stick. The THC is released into the solvent.
  • Continue this for another three minutes.
  • Pour the solvent into another container. At this point you have managed to extract approximately 80% THC from the plant material.
  • Second round – repeat the process, pour the solvent over the plant material, leave it for approximately three minutes and you will get the remaining 20% THC out of the material.
  • Pour the solvent/extract mixture into the container you poured the first batch into.
  • You can throw away or dispose of the twice-used plant material.
  • Pour the solvent and extract mixture into another clean container through a coffee filter.
  • Evaporate the solvent. In my experience, an electric rice cooker can be used very well. On my rice cooker, I can set two temperatures, low and high, and it holds 2.5 litres of extract and solvent mixture.
  • Pour the extract and solvent mixture into the pot, about three quarters of the way in. Evaporation must be carried out in a well-ventilated area. Point a fan at the pot to allow the vapours to escape. The vapours are highly flammable. There must be no flammable objects in the vicinity. Watch out for sparks and cigarettes etc. The fumes could ignite.
  • Turn on the rice cooker and set it on high heat.
  • Allow the solvent to evaporate and gradually add the rest of the extract-solvent mixture to the pot.
  • Towards the end of evaporation, add a few drops of water to the extract-solvent mixture. The amount depends on how much of the raw material you made the extract from. Personally, when I make an extract from a pound of good quality sticks, I add about ten drops of water.
  • Once there is only about two and a half inches of the extract/solvent mixture left in the pot, put on your oven mitts (oven mitts), take the pot and start swirling the contents gently.
  • Continue swirling the pot and swirling the contents until the solvent has evaporated. The few drops of water help to loosen the solvent residue and to some extent protect the extract from overheating. Once the solvent evaporates, my pot automatically switches to low temperature. This eliminates the risk of overheating the extract. The temperature of the extract should never exceed 140 degrees Celsius.
  • Wear kitchen gloves and remove the inner container of extract from the rice cooker.
  • Carefully pour the extract into the stainless steel container.
  • Place the jar in a dehydrator or place it on a low heat source, such as a coffee warmer. The final evaporation may take several hours, but all the water and residual volatiles will evaporate. As soon as anything is no longer happening on the surface of the extract, it is finished and ready to use.
  • Pour the hot phoenix tears extract into a vial or draw it into a plastic syringe as in the film. The syringe makes the extract very easy to dispense.

The extract of phoenix tears has the consistency of a thick lubricant after cooling. Some varieties produce a very thick extract that is difficult to get out of the syringe. In such cases, place the syringe in warm water for a few minutes before using the extract.

Where can I get information about the production of the extract?

For anyone new to making the extract, I recommend watching the movie Run From The Cure (which you can watch at the beginning of this guide). The process of making the extract that is depicted in the movie is quite rough – the phoenix tear extract produced can still cure cancer. This medicine would have been much better produced in a controlled environment with the help of distillation equipment etc, so that the solvent could be captured and the extract could be purified.

However, most people do not understand distillation and do not have access to the necessary equipment. Therefore, we have deliberately described the simplest method so that almost anyone can make phoenix tears if needed. As in the film, we reiterate that this process can be dangerous if the procedure is not followed and we take no responsibility for the misuse of this information.

We advise the utmost caution when it comes to production. The leading Czech scientist Prof. LumĂ­r O. HanuĹĄ wrote in his article about the production:

How to dose phoenix tears?

Phoenix tears and cannabis flowers

A normal citizen usually consumes the entire therapeutic dose of sixty grams of the extract within ninety days. At the beginning of treatment I recommend taking a dose the size of a dry grain of rice, i.e. about a quarter of a drop, three times a day. After four days of use, begin increasing the dosage every four days until you have consumed approximately one gram of the extract within twenty-four hours, i.e., three times a day about 1/3 gram.

A gram (i.e., slightly less than a milliliter) of extract per day is usually what patients are able to inject within five weeks of use. After that, they can stay on this dose until the cancer is gone.

By gradually increasing the dose, the body can slowly build up a tolerance. I have heard from many people that they have never “gotten high” while being treated with the extract . Each of us has a different tolerance to drugs. But remember that weight and height do not play a big role in tolerance to cannabis extract.

At the beginning of your treatment with cannabis extract, bear in mind that your blood pressure will be lowered. If you are taking any blood pressure pills, you will most likely not need them.

I tend to like it when people stay in their comfort zone when taking the extract. But the truth is, the faster you consume the extract, the better your chances of survival. People usually take the extract at a much more limited level after treatment.

As a maintenance dose, it is a good idea to use six to ten grams of phoenix tears over the course of a year. I tend to dislike it when people overdose on the extract, but even then, there is no harm in overdosing on the extract. The main side effects of this remedy are sleep and rest, but these are also important parts of the healing process. The extract will usually indicate to you about an hour after taking it that you should lie down and rest. Don’t fight this feeling of drowsiness, just stretch out and let yourself drift off. The daytime tiredness that sometimes occurs with this treatment usually disappears within a month. However, patients still sleep very well at night.

I would only recommend starting with higher doses of phoenix tears if patients want to come off addictive and dangerous pain medications. People who are on such medications usually cut the dose of painkillers in half after starting treatment with cannabis extract. The idea is to take enough extract to relieve the pain and to help the patient with the withdrawal symptoms associated with coming off these dangerous pharmaceutical drugs.

I tell people that they will simply experience one or the other: either the phoenix tears will cure their cancer, or, if it is too late to cure, they will ease their way into eternity and at least allow them to die with dignity.

The success rate of cancer treatment with cannabis extract is very high.

But many of those who come to me are already too damaged by the medical system and all the chemotherapy, radiation, etc. These treatments cause long lasting effects and the people who have had them are the worst treated of all.

We should also not forget to remember that the extract rejuvenates vital organs.

such as the pancreas. Many diabetics have already found that after about six weeks of taking the extract, their pancreas has started to function again, so they no longer need to inject insulin.

Properly made hemp extract of phoenix tears is without a doubt the most healing remedy on the planet. Once you experience what this medicine can do, you will understand why I call cannabis medicine, as it has been throughout history, a panacea.

If you’re looking for the perfect cannabis strain for making phoenix tears, check out Nuka seeds offer.

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