How to plant cannabis plants

What you should know about planting cannabis plants

When to plant cannabis seeds outdoor

Mid-April to late May is the ideal time to plant cannabis seeds in most European countries. Keep an eye on the weather forecast for your country as well as the long-term forecasts of meteorologists. This will help you choose a specific day suitable for germination. Do not put the young sprouts directly outdoors, let them get a little stronger preferably in indoor conditions or greenhouses. Don’t be hasty, later planting only has a minor effect on the yield, but not on the other characteristics the cannabis plant will have.

Germination of cannabis seeds

Marijuana seeds are selected from the most potent cannabis plant. Mature seeds are yellow-brown to brown or grey in colour. They are still green or white when immature. Beware of seeds that are thickly black, as they are rotten and has zero chance to sprout.

future cannabis plants

The best way to store cannabis seeds is in the dry,dark and cool place, ideally in the fridge. If you have old seeds at home and they are more than 3 years old, you run the risk that they will be infertile.

To ensure that the cannabis seeds grow well, soak them in lukewarm water for 24 hours before germination. Once your marijuana seeds have germinated, transfer them to small pots until the plant reaches a height where it is not threatened by the elements, it will takes usually 2-3 weeks.

If you’re looking for cannabis seeds with high germination rates, check out our seed bank Nukaseeds for the freshest marijuana seeds.

When to transplant marijuana plants outside

beware of the roots of cannabis plants

When the plant reaches a height of 15-20 cm it is ready to be planted in the ground. To prevent the afternoon UV rays from drying out your marijuana plants, plant in the evening. Lowest temperatures must be above 15 degrees Celsius

Watering cannabis plants

beware of too much water in cannabis plants

Water the marijuana plants so that the soil is moist but not muddy. Water small plants every day, larger ones every 2nd -3rd day.

You can reduce watering before the harvest date and this will also increase resin production and THC. Keep an eye on the weather forecast so that the temperature does not drop below 14°C at night.

Be careful with fertilising cannabis plants that are less than 3 weeks old, as they are at risk of burning. Therefore, spray only on older cannabis plants. For better nutrient uptake, apply fertiliser in the evening and spray thoroughly. Repeat 3 times in succession once a week. Start with smaller doses (than recommended by the manufacturer) and slowly increase each additional dose


Every photoperiodic strain knows the approach of winter by the length of the day and night and controls its growth accordingly. When the days are long and the nights are short, the cannabis plant grows stronger. As autumn approaches, the days get shorter and the marijuana plant comes into bloom. All it takes is two weeks of nights that are 12-13 hours long. But it also depends on the cannabis variety and the weather.

If you want your cannabis to flower at optimal temperatures in late August, artificially extend the night to 10-13 hours in mid-August, perhaps by covering it. This method is useful during the frequent October frosts.

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