How to store cannabis seeds

Have you got more cannabis seeds at home than you can plant? We’ve prepared a clear article on how to store them properly.

If you want to know how to properly store cannabis seeds so that they are of the highest quality and yield possible, you should start by getting some really good quality seeds for example from Nukaseeds. However, many growers forget one simple fact: hemp seeds are alive and although they are quite durable, improper storage can destroy them.

Marijuana seed storage bottle

By the time your marijuana seeds start to germinate, they are in a similar state to hibernating animals and, like all living organisms, your seeds can die if you don’t look after them properly. The good news is that cannabis seeds can last up to five years from harvest if stored properly.

If you store cannabis seeds at home, you should always follow the following advice:

  1. Store the hemp seeds in a cool, dark and dry place. Preferably in their original packaging. This is because when the seeds are exposed to changes increased humidity, high temperature or light, they begin to prepare for the germination process and use up their nutrient reserves. If you don’t follow this advice, they may not have enough nutrients left to germinate.
  2. The ideal temperature for storing hemp seeds is 6 to 8 degrees Celsius. The lower the temperature, the less likely your seeds are to germinate unexpectedly. Experienced growers therefore have special refrigerators for seed storage. Another option is to freeze your cannabis seeds. If you go this route, make sure you vacuum pack them first and then store them in a dark container. Let the frozen seeds germinate immediately after removing them from the freezer. Do not let them thaw first.

Attention to the humidity

Keep cannabis seeds in a moist environment.

When storing cannabis seeds (especially if they are no longer in their original packaging), make sure they are properly moist. Here is a brief overview of how humidity affects the seeds:

  • <8% moisture: seeds will attract insects and other pests.
  • 9 to 20% moisture: your seeds will be more likely to develop mold (they will start to sweat at humidity below 20%). However, 8 to 10% moisture is ideal for long-term storage.
  • 21 to 30% moisture: This is ideal for storing hemp seeds.
  • 31 to 60% humidity: Seeds may start to germinate spontaneously, especially when the humidity exceeds 40%.
  • 61% and above: The higher the moisture level, the more you put your seeds at risk. Once the humidity reaches 80%, your seeds will begin to wither and die completely in about 12 hours.
A cannabis bud full of seeds

As you can see here, your seeds need the right level of moisture. If the humidity is too high, your seeds will rot in storage. Extremely low humidity (8 to 10%) is only suitable for long-term storage. If the humidity drops below 8%, you give any insects present inside the seeds a chance to activate and start reproducing.

How to store cannabis seeds

By now you have probably understood that you need to store the seeds out of direct light. We have also outlined the need for relatively low humidity and temperature. Depending on how long you intend to store the seeds, you have different options:

Short-term Storage

If you only need to store seeds for the short term, a dark drawer or cupboard will suffice. The most important thing is to avoid fluctuations in temperature and humidity, regardless of the length of storage. Rapid temperature fluctuations in particular are the most dangerous for cannabis seeds.

Medium-long Storage

Fridge is great for storing cannabis seeds

If you want to store cannabis seeds for several months, you need to use an airtight container. You can use a jar or a plastic zip-lock bag. Place the sealed container in a cool cellar at a constant temperature or in the fridge. Remember that frequent opening of the fridge can cause significant temperature fluctuations. It is therefore a good idea to use a second fridge for this purpose, for example, which is rarely used.

Long-term storage

If you plan to store the seeds for at least six months, you should use a vacuum-sealed container. You can buy special vacuum containers online, or various air extraction devices to take the air out of sealable ones. Then place the sealed container or bag in a dark container and put it in the refrigerator. You also have the option of freezing the seeds in the freezer, but remember that seeds frozen in this way must be allowed to germinate immediately after removal.

Note on insects and pests

Imagine paying a few thousand crowns for your seeds, going to the trouble of storing them, and then finding out that insects destroy them. And it only takes one such pest in a container to destroy all your seeds. And what can you do against that? First of all, you need to avoid very low humidity when storing seeds. Next, you can sprinkle DiatoMITE on the place where you store the seeds. It is a special powder made from fossilised aquatic organisms that serves as an excellent natural insecticide.

Finally, some more advice

Before germination, you can “test” your seeds by immersing them in water. If they sink, they should be fine. However, if they float, they are more likely to be bad seeds (sometimes they take a few hours to sink, so don’t lose hope). You can still try to germinate them, but there is a greater risk that your seeds won’t germinate. You can leave the floating cannabis seeds in the water for up to 72 hours to see if they germinate after all…

If you have old cannabis seeds somewhere in your home that have not been stored in ideal conditions, there are still a few ways to help them germinate:

cannabis seed storage container
  • Remove the hard ridge with a sharp knife.
  • Soak the seeds in carbonated water with germination enhancer, fulvic acid or a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Use room temperature water and carry out this pre-soaking for at least 12 hours in a dark place.
  • Lightly scratch the hard outer packaging with sandpaper. Believe it or not, this process might help get the heat and moisture inside. This process is called ‘scarring’ and should take place before soaking the seeds.
  • As a last attempt at germination, make a small incision in the shell.

Based on an source : growmart.cz

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