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Cannabis extracts are starting to be very popular and recently a new product called life resin has been released and you can read more about it.

Live resin is a relatively new concept. However, it has immediately become a highly sought after commodity due to its characteristics as an ever-active live product. It retains its intense smell and taste and is considerably cheaper to produce. What more should we know about this substance?

cannabis life resin dab
Life resin

What is live resin?

Living resin is an extract from the cannabis plant. It is a more pliable concentrate that has a caramel, not too wet consistency. It is made from plants that have not been dried, crushed or undergone a process that is “lethal” to the plant. It is usually dark yellow in colour and, like all cannabis concentrates, extremely sticky. It also contains high levels of THC.

Although live resin is still valued more highly than other concentrates, its overall value is declining. Cheaper concentrates are usually around $20-30 per gram. More expensive concentrates can then go up to $50 per gram (this is true in California or Oregon, where these products are legal).

weed life resin storage glass
Marijuana life resin storage glass

Production and storage

Live resin differs from other types of cannabis concentrates in that it is created from fresh frozen cannabis. By freezing the plant immediately after harvest, the resin trichomes are preserved and the marijuana plant retains its valuable terpene profile. After harvesting, the frozen plants are subjected to a solvent extraction process using, for example, butane or propane.

The live resin is ideally stored in a cool, airtight container. Leaving it out in the open, in the air, light and heat will cause it to dry out and harden, thus rendering it useless.

Consumption of live resin

Live resin can be used in several different ways. We have three basic ones for you:

  1. Dabbing – the dabbing technique consists of inhaling the vapours produced by heating the cannabis concentrate. Typical are glass bongs with a special attachment for concentrates. Don’t forget the oily consistency of the resin. You will therefore need a spatula to handle the concentrate for scooping.
  2. Vaping – vaporizing is another way to consume live resin. However, you need a special vaporizer or resin attachment for this.
  3. Topping off– insertion of a small amount of live cannabis resin directly into the joint.

Resin vs. Rosin

cannabis life resin vs rosin
Rosin on the right and life resin on the left

You may have heard of Rosin, which is easy to confuse with (Live) Resin. Rosin is made by pressing dried buds (marijuana) while heating them. They use a special press for this – called a rosin press. The main difference is in the properties of the resulting product. Rosin solidifies into a hard caramel after pressing, while resin remains more oily.

While Resin retains more of its natural terpene complex, the aroma of Rosin is slightly degraded by the hot pressing process.

life resin and hemp fan leaf
Life resin on the dabbing tool

Rosin is a great choice for consumers who prefer high potency, flavorful concentrates but want to avoid solvents. For example, medical marijuana consumers with compromised immune systems, allergies or lung health issues. Rosin, unlike other concentrates, is produced in a solvent-free process using a press. This is why it is considered one of the “purest” cannabis concentrates.

A very suitable variety for the production of live resin is, for example, our Paradox, which can hit the stratosphere in the classic form of buds and then when you make resin from it… 🙂

Article source: https://softsecrets.com/

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