Making hash from cannabis stalks

Today, though, we’re going to explain how to turn pot waste into a useful by-product. That’s right – we’re going to show you how to make hash from stalks.

Everyone has their favourite way of consuming cannabis: raw flowers, concentrates, edibles. However, something that is probably not on most people’s list is pot stalks.

Today, though, we’re going to explain how to turn pot waste into a useful by-product. That’s right – we’re going to show you how to make hash from stalks.

How strong are the cannabis stems?

Making hash from cannabis - how to identify cannabis stems

The stems contain very few cannabinoids compared to the flowers or leaves of the plant, which is why we use them to make hash from the stems instead of smoking them! Even if you need quite a lot of material, you get at least a small profit from something you would otherwise throw away.

Production of stem hash

Making hash from cannabis stalks

The stem is also much denser than the flower or leaf and therefore burns at a higher temperature, producing very pungent smoke. For these reasons, it is much better to learn how to make hash from stems. There are at least four different methods to choose from when making hash from stems, each of which requires several tools and techniques. Let’s explore each of them.

Method 1: Production of hash oil

Production of hash oil

The first method, making hash oil from the stems, provides the purest product.

Simply grind the stalks into a powder, either with an electric herb grinder or scissors, then soak them in 99% isopropyl alcohol for 2 minutes. Then simply strain the alcohol into a shallow glass container and allow it to evaporate at room temperature in a well-ventilated area. Once the alcohol has evaporated, you will have a concentration of all the cannabinoids that have been removed from the stem, which is your hash oil.

Method 2: Creating a bubble hash

Another method of making hash from stalks is the bubble hash technique, which is created by using an ice-water bath to freeze the trichomes and cause them to fall off the stalks.

First you need some bubble bags, which are bags made of fine mesh screen. Place them in a bucket and fill them with ice, cold water and your stalk material (which has been coarsely chopped). Let this sit for about 10 minutes to freeze the trichomes, then stir the water for 5 minutes before removing the first layer of the bag along with the ice and stem.

In the next layer you will have a fine catching of trichomes. Each layer of the bag will give you a finer product – it’s your choice whether you want to combine them all or save the cream of the crop for special occasions.

Method 3: Creation of Charas

While traditional charas are harvested from living plants, stem charas are obviously harvested from the remains of the stem. Apart from that, however, the technique of scrubbing the plant by hand and then scraping your hands of the collected tarry resin is the same. And you get the same black gold that is produced in the foothills of the Himalayas – albeit much less.

Method 4: Preparation of Kiefu

While kief from stalks is not hashish, strictly speaking, it still easily defeats the consumption of raw stalks. Keif is a collection of loose hairs before they are compressed into hashish, so it has a very similar effect.

To make kief from stalks, all you need to do is rub your collection of stalks on a clean plate, picking up what falls off. When you’re done, use a piece of paper to scrape up all the dust that has settled on the plate; this is your precious kief. You can also make hemp tea from Kief.

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