04/02/2022 seeds

Nukaseeds has launched the sale of 3 piece cannabis seeds package

doypack for 3 pieces cannabis seeds seed bank Nukaseeds
We have created new packages with 3 cannabis seeds
03/02/2022 seeds

The wholesale company seeds-world.com has joined to Nuka family

seller nukaseeds seeds-world.com
Wholesaler Seeds-world.com has added Nuka Seeds products to their offer.
02/02/2022 seeds

Nuka cannabis strains are now listed on Seedfinder.eu

page seedfinder nukaseeds
If you’re looking for informations about cannabis strains, you can find most of them on SeedFinder
21/01/2022 seeds

Welcome to our partner section Cannaworld.cz

Welcome to our partner area Cannaworld.cz
21/01/2022 seeds

Another shop! Semenacannabis.cz

Introducing the new seed shop. Welcome, Semenacannabis.cz
19/01/2022 seeds

Welcome to a new partner – semenakonopi.cz

Nukaseeds added another seed shop. Semenakonopi.cz have the best marijuana seeds and are well known in the cannabis market.
13/01/2022 seeds

Seedshop Smoketime has just became our partner.

We have added more seed headshop to our partner zone – Smoketime
13/01/2022 seeds

Welcome to our partners – RuBaRu

Introducing the new Seed Wholesale. Welcome, RuBaRu.biz
12/01/2022 seeds

Seedsclub has just become our partner, let’s welcome them nicely.

We have add another seed shop into our partner zone – welcome Seedsclub.cz
06/01/2022 seeds

A series on the pests that threaten cannabis plants, Thrips

thrip on a cannabis plant leave
You can find many pests on cannabis plants. Thrips are a thorn in the side of all cannabis growers. You shouldn’t underestimate them.
29/12/2021 seeds

A series on the pests that threaten marijuana plant – fungus gnats

marijuana plant - fungus gnats
Most growers have encountered fungus gnats. Although the flies do not directly threaten life of you plants, they are very unpleasant. Let’s talk about these root-eating pest in our series.
28/12/2021 seeds

CBD and schizophrenia – cannabidiol helps against the symptoms of this serious illness

relationship between cbd and schizophrenia
CBD and schizophrenia – a very interesting topic. Can this cannabinoid help people with this disease?
27/12/2021 seeds

Legalization of cannabis in Malta – growing and using marijuana is finally legal

legalization of cannabis in Malta
Legalization of cannabis in Malta is a big deal. Users will be able to legally possess and grow marijuana and buy seeds. So how will it be?
20/12/2021 seeds

Series on pests that threaten cannabis plant – Whiteflies

whitefly on the cannabis plant
Whiteflies are very annoying pests that attack cannabis plants. Want to protect your precious seeds and weed? We’ll tell you how.
08/12/2021 seeds

Legalisation of cannabis in Germany – users can rejoice

legalisation of cannabis leaf
Legalisation of cannabis is knocking on Germany’s door. First the medicinal marijuana market and now this. Are you curious how this will turn out?
06/12/2021 seeds

A series on the pests that threaten marijuana plants – Slugs

pests threatening cannabis plants - slugs
Slugs can make growing cannabis plants outdoor pretty unpleasant. We’ll give you advice on how to spot them and how to get rid of them successfully.
01/12/2021 seeds

Former police officer helps seniors understand the medical potential of cannabis

bag of cannabis and sherif
Medical potential of cannabis has reached to many seniors and a retire cop explains them the benefits of using marijuana for health.
28/11/2021 seeds

Difficulties in the production and sale of legal cannabis products

cannabis business is not easy to start
Difficulties in the production and sale of legal cannabis products are the deal in this industry.
26/11/2021 seeds

What is cannabis decarboxylation?

overpowered marijuana buds
Cannabis decarboxylation should be carried out after each harvest so that we can enjoy the fruits of our labour to the maximum.
19/11/2021 seeds

Individual parts of the cannabis plant

cannabis plant anatomy male ganja nuka seeds
Do you know every part of your cannabis plant? Are you able to distinguish males from females? If not, we will explaint everything to you.
16/11/2021 seeds

What can affect the cannabis harvest outdoor?

cannabis plant harvest
Everyone loves the time of cannabis harvest. To see the end product of your work. What can affect your yield outdoor ?