9 Famous myths about Cannabis

Cannabis is still in many people’s eyes just an esoteric herb. The common myths that are told about this plant prevent people from understanding it properly. In this article we will try to explain the 10 most common myths about cannabis. We will look at both negative myths and those that portray cannabis in an overly positive light.

Isn’t it strange that a naturally occurring herb has caused a huge storm in human civilization?

Even though several countries have legalised cannabis to some extent and many others are considering it, we can still find obscure myths on the internet and elsewhere that are linked to the plant. Many of these myths make a complete mockery of modern science, and many people use them to maintain draconian hemp laws.

On the other hand, there are also myths that portray hemp in an overly positive light and talk about cannabis as a miracle panacea with no drawbacks. But these myths are also damaging to the image of our favourite plant.

Let’s Explain 9 Myths About Marijuana

Below we take a look at the 9 most common myths about hemp. But before that, we have to consider the bias that exists on both sides of the barricade. Many anti-cannabis groups spin reality, but so do pro-cannabis groups. In our article, we will be unbiased and address the most common myths about marijuana, regardless of whether they are positive or negative. In other words, we will try to bring some transparency to the issue.

1. Cannabis Use Leads to Higher Crime

Judge with Cannabis
Judge with Cannabis

Hemp prohibition means that its use, cultivation or sale is a crime. This situation naturally leads to the herb appearing mainly on the black market, even alongside much harder drugs such as cocaine and heroin. While harder drugs are part of gang-related violence, the use of cannabis alone does not lead to an increase in crime. What leads to increased crime is its illegal status.

However, if there is a legal cannabis market, it is possible to license and tax the profits from the marijuana market, thereby diverting money away from the black which in theory should lead to lower crime.

Smoking cannabis has not been shown to increase the inclination to criminality.

2. Cannabis is an Input Drug

Dangerous and addictive drugs and cannabis.

We all remember this phrase from our school anti-drugs lessons. You will know it, a group of people standing in front of hundreds of kids and delivering the message that “all it takes is one drag”. Even if their intentions are right, the people organising these events often lump all drugs together and convey the idea that once you have tried one drug, you are on a journey where you must inevitably try all drugs, And that’s just not true.

Millions of marijuana users around the world regularly enjoy marijuana without thinking about trying harder drugs. In addition, many hard drug users have never tried cannabis. People prone to addiction can often end up using marijuana as a substitute for alcohol, or other hard drugs that are more destructive in every way.

3. Marijuana is a Dangerous and Addictive Drug

The claim that cannabis is a gateway drug is often based on the argument that hemp, like hard drugs, leads users into a strong addiction. The claim that marijuana is a gateway drug is often based on the argument that cannabis, like hard drugs, leads users to strong addiction. This claim is ridiculous to anyone who has any experience of addiction and has tried marijuana. Cannabis does not cause any physical addiction and for the vast majority of people it does not cause psychological addiction either. Withdrawal symptoms are very rare and only occur with extremely long-term use.

4. Cannabis Cannot Be Addictive

Although many hemp users smoke without being addicted, some people can develop an addiction. Exactly how dependence is defined (e.g. physical vs. psychological dependence) and what level of dependence is involved is a complex topic. Although cannabis advocates often dismiss the possibility that marijuana is addictive, it does in fact cause addiction in some people. Compared to other drugs, marijuana addiction is incomparably easier to break.

5. You can overdose on cannabis

weighing scale for cannabis
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Many people lose their lives every year as a result of alcohol, cocaine, heroin and other drugs consumption. However, no one has yet died from the use of hemp itself. And why is that? Because cannabinoids, which are the active ingredients in hemp, do not interact with the area of the brain that is responsible for breathing.

As far as opiates are concerned, an overdose occurs when the receptors in the areas responsible for breathing are overwhelmed. This creates a depressant effect that affects our breathing and potentially leads to death. Hemp cannot induce the same effects and for this reason there are no recorded deaths that have been caused by the independent use of cannabis, and many institutions believe that this is not even possible.

6. Marijuana Users Are Lazy

Marijuana users face many stereotypes. In addition to labels such as ‘addict’ or ‘junkie’, they often have to deal with being seen as lazy by society.

However, many successful, active and athletic people use hemp. Joe Rogan built a podcast empire when he was stoned. Michael Phelps eliminated the competition in swimming while enjoying the effects of hemp. Thousands of successful people around the world enjoy the effects of cannabis and are very active. Laziness is linked to motivation and recent studies have shown that cannabis does not negatively affect motivation..

7.  There Is No Hangover after using cannabis

Users often say they always feel refreshed and ready for action in the morning after smoking. However, if you smoke huge amount of marijuana in the evening, you may wake up with a type of hangover in the morning.

A marijuana hangover is not comparable to an alcohol hangover. However, it can still affect how you feel the next day. It can cause lethargy, red eyes and headaches. However, if you take cannabis in moderation, you can actually wake up refreshed and ready for action in the morning.

If you happen to suffer from a marijuana hangover, the same medicine works for this type of hangover as well. Drink some water, have something good to eat and you will soon feel better. Unlike alcohol hangovers, however, the treatment for a hemp hangover takes much less time.

8. Cannabis Cannot Cause Withdrawal Symptoms

Marijuana withdrawal symptoms
Marijuana withdrawal symptoms

Although many experienced marijuana users would like to believe that cannabis cannot cause withdrawal symptoms, the opposite is unfortunately true. As with hemp hangovers, withdrawal symptoms with hemp are real.

However, unlike hangovers, withdrawal symptoms from marijuana are relatively mild, especially when compared to alcohol and other drugs.

Regular users who stop using hemp may experience one or more of the following symptoms for several weeks. Symptoms vary from person to person:

  • Irritability
  • Headache
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Feelings of sadness and anxiety

Fortunately, these withdrawal symptoms are usually not severe and soon disappear. If you are looking for ways to alleviate these symptoms, the best advice is to stay hydrated, eat healthy and exercise.

9. Keeping Smoke In Your Lungs Will Make You More Stoned

cannabis smoke in the lungs
Cannabis smoke in the lungs

Novice marijuana users often boast about how long they can keep the smoke in their lungs.

Once hemp use is no longer a novelty, those same users will be more relaxed and realise that everyone enjoys marijuana in their own way. They will also quickly realise that you don’t have to hold the smoke in your lungs for a ridiculously long period of time, as it won’t increase the potency of the effects.

The facts are that there is no scientific evidence to confirm that holding smoke in the lungs longer leads to higher THC absorption. Keeping smoke in the lungs for a long time will increase the heart rate and THC will enter the brain faster, leading many people to have the subjective impression of a stronger high. In reality, it’s just a faster onset of effects. The faster mind shift then leads people to this mistaken belief.

All the THC in the smoke passes immediately into the blood when it enters the lungs. If you want more intense effects, then take more cannabis! Don’t waste your time practicing how long you hold your breath. Unless you plan on entering some sort of diving competition!

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