What is the ideal height of your cannabis plant?

Your seeds can grow into a huge cannabis plant. What is the ideal height ?

When we talk about growing cannabis indoors, at best you want to have as many flowers as possible. But then the question arises how tall the plant should be in order to have the largest possible yield. This is not only the right choice of variety made directly for indoor, but also the light source.

massive outdoor cannabis-plant

Small x Large varieties of cannabis plants

small cannabis plant

Most cannabis plants double in height / size as they enter the flowering stage. However, there are varieties that “pull out” more or less than you know. If you want to buy cannabis seeds and indoor varieties specifically, always go through all the information about the variety.

“Higher variety” – go to the flowering stage a little earlier (1/3 of the required height).
“Lower variety” – In this case, you should wait a little longer before entering the flowering phase (3/4 of the required height).

huge cannabis plant

The stronger your light is, the taller you can make the plant. With weaker lighting the plants can also be tall, however the usable buds will be mostly from the tops. It is advisable to use defoliation in the case of tall plants under the weak light.

Also, if you switch to bloom very young plants or fresh rooted clones, it can shoot up to four times its height. Especially sativas with little branching are capable of incredibly vigorous growth after switching.
The reason is that the plant is trying to catch up with its genetic predispositions.

What is the best height?

In the end, it is not precisely determined what the ideal height is. When growing, it will always depend on your equipment and methods.

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