28/01/2023 Health

Can cannabis help with autism in children ?

Can cannabis help with autism in children ?
The number of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has tripled worldwide in the last 30 years. Can cannabis help with autism in children ?
27/01/2023 Health

Pregnant cannabis – users should know about toxicology tests.

pregnant woman with cannabis leaves
What to know about toxicology tests ? Pregnant cannabis users face stigma and stress over the possibility of losing custody of their child, all because they are medicating with a plant that is still illegal at the federal level. Despite the legal status of cannabis in every state, the federal classification prevails when it comes to the local child protection
26/01/2023 Health

Why do you cough after smoking cannabis?

Almost all smokers experience coughing while smoking cannabis.
25/01/2023 Health

Cannabis and alcohol : Is smoking cannabis or drinking alcohol more addictive?

Cannabis and alcohol : Is smoking cannabis or alcohol more addictive?
Cannabis and alcohol. Which is more addictive, smoking cannabis or drinking alcohol? You can probably guess the answer, but let’s take a closer look at this topic.
23/01/2023 Health

Marijuana and deacidification – 5 tips to clean your body with cannabis

nukaseeds deacidify the body with marijuana
We have prepared some simple tips for you on how to de-acidify your body with cannabis.
22/01/2023 Health

Cannabis for sleeping

cannabis helps with sleep
How does cannabis help with sleep? find out everything in this article!
20/01/2023 Health

A Quarter of People With Chronic Pain Use Cannabis

This interesting finding was made by researchers at the University of Michigan.
16/01/2023 Health

Is cannabis addictive?

is cannabis addictive?
Anti-drug activists would have you believe that marijuana is addictive and will ruin your life. It doesn’t. On the contrary, some stoners will convince you that there is no danger of addiction, but even that is not entirely true. Cannabis is not completely safe in this respect, but different levels of addiction need to be taken into account.
14/01/2023 Health

Cannabis tea relieves pain, helps with depression and aids digestion

hemp tea nukaseeds
What are the benefits of drinking cannabis tea? You will be surprised at what it can relieve you from.
09/01/2023 Health

Cannabis vs. asthma

Cannabis vs. asthma
Did you know that cannabinoids can help with asthma symptoms? In this article you will find much more information about how cannabis helps.
03/01/2023 Health

How to make phoenix tears?

How to make phoenix tears?
Hemp extract called phoenix tears, instructions for production from Rick Simpson himself. Phoenix Tears is a cannabis extract with significant therapeutic benefits.
08/12/2022 Health

Cannabis and cancer

cannabis and the battle against cancer
Cannabis research has taken off in a big way in the last 5 years and in this article you can read how cannabis works against cancer.
02/12/2022 Health

9 Famous myths about Cannabis

Myths About Cannabis
Cannabis is still in many people’s eyes just an esoteric herb. The common myths that are told about this plant prevent people from understanding it properly. In this article we will try to explain the 10 most common myths about cannabis. We will look at both negative myths and those that portray cannabis in an overly positive light.
30/11/2022 Health

Cannabichromene (CBC) – another interesting cannabinoid

structure of cannabichromene
Are you familiar with the cannabinoid cannabichromene? Do you know when it first appeared and what its effects are? If not, you’ve come to the right place.
29/11/2022 Health

How long does CBD oil last ?

chemical brand cbd and oil
Anyone who has bought CBD oil at home will have wondered how long it lasts and we will answer that question in today’s article.
25/11/2022 Health

How to get THC out of the body in 4 steps

Detox cannabis
Are you going to get tested for banned substances or just want to let your body rest and refresh? If you need to get excess cannabinoids out of your body, this article will give you some helpful advice.
22/11/2022 Health

What is Cannabinol – CBN

chemical pattern of Cannabinol
What is CBN, or cannabinol? How is it formed and what are its properties ?
18/10/2022 Health

Top medical use for indica cannabis strain

medical cannabis sign
Did you know that indica cannabis strain has a great medical potential? If not, continue with reading.
13/10/2022 Health

Is marijuana bad for our teeth?

tooth brush and paste
Marijuana is very unique and has a huge potential in the world of medicine. But what about smoking cannabis and its effect for teeth?
05/10/2022 Health

Marijuana and depression

Woman smoking a cannabis joint
Today we’ll look at how THC marijuana affects depression and whether it can cure it or make it worse. Below we have a summary of the scientific studies.
04/10/2022 Health

Top 7 celebrities who support medicinal cannabis!

Morgan-Freeman with cannabis in his mouth
Some celebrities have been very open about their views on medical cannabis and how it has helped them personally. Many of them have even started their own cannabis businesses.