How to germinate Cleopatra cannabis seeds?

Can you germinate marijuana seeds? In that case, Cleopatra cannabis seeds won’t be a problem, but we’d rather tell you what and how.

How to germinate Cleopatra cannabis strain?

With our Cleopatra variety, you will not have to choose any special germination procedures. It’s still a hemp seed and you just need to choose the right method.

Let’s talk some basic information about germination and the methods to choose for this activity.

Germination of cannabis seeds

how to germinate Cleopatra cannabis seedsLet’s start from scratch and say what germination actually is. A seed forms on a fertilised plant and falls out of its cover as it matures. Seeds are usually very hardy and can survive frost and higher temperatures. However, seeds of thermophilic plants may not survive in such extreme conditions. Do not store cannabis seeds in a freezer or exposed to excessively high temperatures.

The seed consists of the achenes, which is the dry sheath that protects the embryo of the future plant – the endosperm, the cotyledons and the stem cell. In order for the seed to come to life (germinate), you need to create the necessary conditions which in this case are moisture and heat. In a moist and warm environment, the seed begins to absorb water, the pericarp bursts and the embryo emerges. A healthy seed has enough energy to germinate without the need for additional nutrients. Normally, therefore, the seed will germinate if you use ordinary water without fertiliser.

Several factors affect the germination of seeds. First and foremost is the age of the seeds. Seeds can wait their turn for quite a long time if you store them well. In that case, they can last for several years. In nature, cannabis seeds usually wait 6-8 months to germinate. The seed is at its best within two years of its age, but it can be longer. As mentioned, the place of storage has a significant effect on the shelf life of the seeds. The ideal place to store seeds is in the refrigerator. The temperature is usually between 6 and 10 °C, it is dark and the humidity is relatively constant. Even in the fridge, the seeds should be stored in some kind of container (jar, box, special plastic case), which will ensure a constant humidity and prevent the seeds from drying out. The last important factor affecting germination is the method of germination itself. We will describe best practice in a moment.

Is it difficult to germinate Cleopatra cannabis seeds

It’s not. If you follow the following procedures exactly, you can’t go wrong.

What method should I choose?

Nowadays, there are already plenty of proven ways to let cannabis seeds germinate properly. We’ve chosen two guaranteed ones that will do the trick.

Germination of cannabis seeds on a paper napkin

 germinated seeds on a tamponEither we let them germinate directly in the growing medium (soil, rockwool, coconut, etc.) or we first let them germinate on germination paper/wool and only plant them after the germ has sprouted. When germinating in soil or coconut it is a good idea to use small paper pots.  The procedure for germinating seeds on moistened cotton wool. First, soak the seeds in water for 12 hours, then move them to moistened cotton wool and cover them to keep them dark. You can also plant them in a growing pot, which will gradually decompose. Another option is Jiffy planting tablets, which soak up the optimum amount of water, and their texture allows the seeds to germinate easily. This has the advantage of making it easier to control the moisture content of the growing medium.

If the growing medium is too wet, the seed could rot and not germinate. Seeds should be left in clean water at room temperature for about 12 hours before use. This will rid the seeds of the growth inhibitor which in nature prevents premature germination, for example in the event of light rain. By staying in the water longer, the seeds get a clear signal that it is indeed time to prepare. The seeds swell a little and germinate more quickly. It is quite possible that a sprout will emerge from the seed within 12 hours.

After soaking, plant those seeds about 0.5 – 1 cm deep in a suitably moistened growing medium. The medium can’t completely wet or too dry. To know if the medium is too wet, make a finger indentation of about 1.5 cm in the medium – if water appears at the bottom of the indentation, the medium is too wet. Insufficiently moist growing medium either crumbles (in the case of clay and coconut) or tears (rockwool). To ensure optimum humidity, place a plastic bag or food foil over the pots – the growing medium will not dry out quickly. The plant should emerge above ground within 2 – 3 days.

Germination of Cleopatra cannabis seeds in water

germinating cannabis seeds in waterWe choose this method because we have an accurate overview of the development of the individual seeds, and we are sure that only germinated seeds are placed in the growing medium. As in the previous case, put the seeds in clean water for about 12 hours. After this time, move the seeds to a tray with moistened germination paper or cotton wool and place them somewhere dark or cover them. The moisture content of the cotton wool and paper should be such that water can be wrung out of the material by squeezing, but at the same time no puddles should form on the dish.

If the sprouts are not already in the water, they will usually appear on the germination mat within 24 to 36 hours. Plant germinated seed in the growing medium. If you intend to grow in large growing containers, it is again worth planting the seeds in smaller pots first, and only when the plants have grown do you transplant them into large pots or a bed. The sprout that comes out of the seed is the root, so make sure it points downwards when planting. Even after germination, plant the seeds 0,5 – 1 cm deep.

How to germinate old seeds?

Small cannabis plantSometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we are forced to use seeds that we know are more than two or three years old or we are not quite sure of their quality. To increase the likelihood of germination, we can use available germination aids. There are many different seedboost preperates on the market today that can bring even old seeds back to life. You can promote the germination by steeping the seeds in chamomile tea or horsetail tea. To make the tea, take two tablespoons of the herbs and pour 2 dcl of boiling water over them. Leave the herbs to infuse in the water for 12 hours – then strain and you have a ready-made solution for soaking the seeds. Leave the seeds in this solution for 12 – 24 hours. For our purposes, a tea with Horsetail is better as it contains silicon. Both herbs also promote disease resistance in young plants. When germinating older seeds and seeds of uncertain quality, it is always a good idea to use the germination procedure on germination paper or cotton wool.

Germinating cannabis seeds will not be a problem for you. Especially with a model like Cleopatra.

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