06/09/2022 cannabis

How to store cannabis seeds

Detailed photos of cannabis seeds
Have you got more cannabis seeds at home than you can plant? We’ve prepared a clear article on how to store them properly.
05/09/2022 cannabis

How to make great cannabis gummy bears at home

Gummy bears and cannabis leaf
Almost everyone likes gummy bears, but what about when you add cannabis to them, that’s another treat. In this article you will read how to make them at home.
02/09/2022 cannabis

The Role of cannabis in sports today

role of cannabis in sport and coloured leaves
What may be the role of cannabis in sport today? Is it just an excuse for athletes to smoke marijuana or are there any real positive effects?
26/08/2022 cannabis

Scromiting or vomiting induced by smoking marijuana

buds in her hands
Some people think that cannabis use can cause scromiting – a severe condition causing uncotrolable vomiting. Is that true or not?
25/08/2022 cannabis

Flowering stage- what to do with cannabis plants during this period

marijuana plant in flower
A guide for cannabis growers during the marijuana flowering season.
24/08/2022 cannabis

Scientists have found that marijuana makes people nicer and more empathetic.

cheerful lady under the influence of cannabis
Cannabis smokers certainly know this, and according to a recent study by scientists in Mexico, cannabis makes people nicer and more empathetic.
23/08/2022 cannabis

Thai legislature legalisation cannabis and releases 2,958 prisoners

Thailand has given away one million cannabis plants to encourage cultivation
The decriminalisation of marijuana in Thailand, which removed cannabis and marijuana from the list of narcotic substances, has provoked both positive and negative reactions. What opinions are emerging ?
15/08/2022 cannabis

Uses of Aloe Vera for Cannabis

aloe vera and marijuana plant
How to use Aloe Vera in cannabis cultivation
11/08/2022 cannabis

How to dry cannabis buds

trimming marijuana buds for drying and storing cannabis
Drying marijuana buds- the last step before enjoying your harvest.
09/08/2022 cannabis

Fluxing – pretty good-looking technique of cannabis cultivation

Fluxing is the way
Fluxing is pretty good-looking method of cannabis cultivation. If you like to grow and try new things, give this marijuana growing technique a chance
28/07/2022 cannabis

Why does cannabis interact with other drugs ?

cannabis and other drugs
Due to the complex effect of cannabis on the human body (endocannabinoid system), interactions with other substances occur. Therefore, if you plan to combine any drug together with cannabis, you should know what can happen.
27/07/2022 cannabis

Our customer showed off his Megaton and Paradox cannabis plants.

Take a look at some photos from the grower of Megaton and Paradox.
25/07/2022 cannabis

Autoflowering cannabis plants – how to optimise the light cycle

best light cycle for autoflowering cannabis plants
What is the best light cycle for autoflowering cannabis plants?
20/07/2022 cannabis

Team Nukaseeds visited the Mary Jane Cannabis Festival in Berlin

Mary Jane cannabis fair Berlin
Last weekend, the Mary Jane cannabis festival was held in Berlin, where the Nukaseeds team went to have a look. Read about this cannabis exhibition below.
19/07/2022 cannabis


Nuka Seeds promotion 1+1 free
The best promotion on cannabis seeds for every marijuana grower.
18/07/2022 cannabis

Do you recycle coir substrate?

Coconut substrate is very suitable for growing cannabis. But did you know that it can be recycled? Read more below.
15/07/2022 cannabis

Delta-8 phenomen in USA. What effects does it have?

cannabis plants and delta-8
Do you know what delta-8 THC is? Read on, if not.
14/07/2022 cannabis

Cannabis and the digestive system – how does marijuana affect our digestive function?

cannabis leaves
There is a connection between cannabis and the digestive system but in a what way? We have some info for marijuana users which may say a lot.
13/07/2022 cannabis

Textile flowerpots: Why do growers prefer them?

Nukaseeds strains in fabric flowerpots
Textile flowerpots have been on the market for some time now and in today’s article you will read about their advantages for growing more than just cannabis.
12/07/2022 cannabis

Marijuana hangover: 5 facts

cannabis hangover
In this article you can read whether it is possible to have a cannabis hangover and how to avoid it.
11/07/2022 cannabis

Guide to choosing a pot size

Different sizes of pots for cannabis
A simple and straightforward guide to choosing a pot size for your cannabis plants.