25/02/2022 Guides

How to plant cannabis plants

The life cycle of cannabis plant
What you should know about planting cannabis plants
23/02/2022 Guides

Cannabis tincture – preparation instructions

exposed cannabis tinctures
The production of cannabis tinctures are simple and can be done even in home conditions.
23/02/2022 Guides

Symptoms and types of mould

how to get rid of marijuana, know what, prevent, mold
The 4 most common types of fungi that threaten your marijuana plants
16/02/2022 Guides

When to germinate marijuana seeds for outdoor cultivation

nuka cannabis seeds
How to know when is the ideal time to start sprouting hemp seeds?
13/02/2022 Guides

How to make hemp butter

butter and hemp
The preparation of cannabis butter is simple. However, you should expect it to take several hours to prepare.
12/02/2022 Guides

Growing cannabis from seeds or clones?

seeds or clone?
You may use seeds or clones for growing cannabis. What is better for growers and marijuana users? Let’s look at some pros and cons.
11/02/2022 Guides

Hydro system aquaponia

hydroponic system aquaponia for cannabis
Have you heard about the aquaponics hydro system? If not, you can read more about this variant of hydrophonic method. We hope you will like it.
08/02/2022 Guides

Manual and machine trimming of cannabis, witch is better?

Manual trimming cannabis bud
Anyone who has experience with growing cannabis has surely asked themselves if it is worth the work of trimming cannabis and in this article we will look at this issue.
10/01/2022 Guides

What affects the hardness of cannabis buds and how to increase it

cannabis nugets ultimate hard
There are a few factors affecting hardeness of your marijuana. If you want achieve hard buds, you have to choose a right strain and take care of plants healthy growth. Let´s look how to do it.
06/01/2022 Guides

A series on the pests that threaten cannabis plants, Thrips

thrip on a cannabis plant leave
You can find many pests on cannabis plants. Thrips are a thorn in the side of all cannabis growers. You shouldn’t underestimate them.
29/12/2021 Guides

A series on the pests that threaten marijuana plant – fungus gnats

marijuana plant - fungus gnats
Most growers have encountered fungus gnats. Although the flies do not directly threaten life of you plants, they are very unpleasant. Let’s talk about these root-eating pest in our series.
20/12/2021 Guides

Series on pests that threaten cannabis plant – Whiteflies

whitefly on the cannabis plant
Whiteflies are very annoying pests that attack cannabis plants. Want to protect your precious seeds and weed? We’ll tell you how.
13/12/2021 Guides

Series on pests that threaten cannabis plants – caterpillars

Pests and cannabis plants - caterpillars leaf kill
Caterpillars pose a real threat to cannabis plants. Want to know more about this pest and methods to get rid of it? We will help you.
07/12/2021 Guides

Do you want to make a difference in cannabis cultivation? Make your own wormery and see your garden bloom

wormery is the best for your cannabis plants
Wormery is a great source of nutrients for cannabis plants. Do you want to make your own and give your seedlings the most? We’ll show you how.
06/12/2021 Guides

A series on the pests that threaten marijuana plants – Slugs

pests threatening cannabis plants - slugs
Slugs can make growing cannabis plants outdoor pretty unpleasant. We’ll give you advice on how to spot them and how to get rid of them successfully.
02/12/2021 Guides

A series on the pests that threaten marijuana plants – Spider mites

Pests and cannabis plants - aphids
Which pests threaten cannabis plants the most? Spider mites can be a major threat to your marijuana.
30/11/2021 Guides

Pests that threaten cannabis plants – Aphids

Pests and cannabis plants - aphids
Have you ever encountered these little rascals? Aphids are pretty nasty threat you need to deal with, or they can cause damage to your cannabis plants
26/11/2021 Guides

What is cannabis decarboxylation?

overpowered marijuana buds
Cannabis decarboxylation should be carried out after each harvest so that we can enjoy the fruits of our labour to the maximum.
24/11/2021 Guides

Recipe for Coconut cannabis oil

coconut cannabis oil
Have you ever tried coconut cannabis oil? If not, we have an excellent guide on how to prepare it at home. You won’t be disappointed.
19/11/2021 Guides

Individual parts of the cannabis plant

cannabis plant anatomy male ganja nuka seeds
Do you know every part of your cannabis plant? Are you able to distinguish males from females? If not, we will explaint everything to you.
16/11/2021 Guides

What can affect the cannabis harvest outdoor?

cannabis plant harvest
Everyone loves the time of cannabis harvest. To see the end product of your work. What can affect your yield outdoor ?